I like it when friends visit

I was totally unmotivated today with the cold dreary weather but my friend Alison (she owns Top Punch) is crazy enough to say she wanted to come and ride so I got off the computer and went outside.

Our first set was Cool Casey and Diamond H. Casey hadn’t been ridden in a week or more and Diamond H was last ridden sometime in October when I got on him at the layup farm. The ring was frozen and hard but enough to grab onto so why not 🙂

I am sure that Alison and I could gush on and on about Diamond but she said she would take him in a second. He was in a new place with 3 horses in the ring yet walked around on a loose rein like he had been there forever. Glanced at things but no more than a prick of the ear. He is a really nice mover despite his lack of muscle and was as slow as I remembered him to be. Alison and I are both out of shape due to lack of riding in this crap weather. She was pushing along and noted that he was so tolerant of her shifting all around and she worked to keep her balance. If she took her leg off he stopped! Ha, gotta love that. I made her try out the canter and she really had to push him to get into it. He has a nice mouth and is just so happy to do whatever being asked. This is one big horse. I forgot to stick him but we noted that not only is he really tall with huge bone but he has the biggest barrel. Probably a lot of that is from our fantastic layup farm which has the best grass you will find and is now feeding beautiful round bales. The horses are fat! Here are some pictures of big boy.

Casey is such a good boy as well. Sometimes I wonder if people believe that I over inflate on how good these horses really are but you would have to see them/sit on them to even believe it. Casey is another horse with a fantastic brain and just so eager to please. He was a bit sensitive on the very hard riding ring so I just walked and trotted around.

Diamond and Casey pose for the camera. It was cold!!!!!!!!

Alison was game for another set and I was happy to have company so we got out Ranger and Shoes. I wanted to stretch out Shoes after his lesson yesterday. Alison spent most of her ride laughing as she tested out all of Ranger’s buttons. It is just so cool how easy he neck reins and how well broke he is. He has this great canter and jog but he has an agenda. We were trying to come up with a way to describe him but it is hard to figure it out. He is not a slow version of a quarter horse because he prefers to go somewhere. He isn’t going there fast but walking is not his preferred speed. He stops when you ask but he is always asking what is next like he has his mission and you are stupid to not know what it is. I would say he is a horse who could be your trail horse but also be a foxhunter, do some hunter paces, ride western/english and just be that all around horse. He ground ties and just has perfect manners. Alison remarked he didn’t move a muscle while she tacked him up. Cool horse!

Shoes was just super fantastic today. I’m a believer that horses just sometimes grow up and it is simple as that. I tell people that and I wonder if they perhaps think I am again making up stories but he walked out there today and didn’t even notice the barrels on the side of the ring. He went to work and was stretchy and felt so loose and soft everywhere. I just walked and trotted as the footing wasn’t good enough to see what the canter felt like today but I swear every ride this horse just improves that quickly. I almost feel like he now knows what is expected of him and is going above and beyond to meet the new demands because he understands what I am asking.

I love his personality! He makes me smile everyday and I appreciate how hard he tries. I love working with all these horses and all the different versions of a Tb. We got a lot of riding done this week which is good because the weather this week isn’t looking so good.


3 responses to “I like it when friends visit

  1. off topic but…There is a blog award waiting for you on my blog (Nina’s Story) come and pick it up.

  2. Jess, I had a great time riding the two kind gents. I’ve been thinking of that chestnut and how we could get him out Hunting. He’s got such a nice brain.
    Punch needed a good Hunt today, but no go with the weather all sloppy and wet. I’ll be over soon and maybe we can hit your sandy trail for a good blow out gallop.

  3. One of my sisters has a horse like Ranger, and as she phrases it, “Smokey doesn’t give joy rides.” If you have a goal, she’s all about it, but no sauntering about aimlessly.

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