Winter blues but a glimmer of hope

It has seemed like the month where all my computer equipment and camera’s have went on the fritz. Kurt and I tend to measure everything in terms of how long we have been married. We bought most of our equipment either before or when we got married so about 7yrs ago. The computer is outdated and has been acting up for a while now and I have just ignored it hoping it would magically get better.

Our camera and video camera are highly abused with sand, dirt, bad weather and a ton of use. Not to mention they are getting old as well. I took my camera to get cleaned and they told me our telephoto lenses was not worth repairing. Ouch! Now our video camera makes a sound of death when you turn it on.

I did give Kurt the go ahead to buy another computer. We do a ton of photo and video editing so a computer is necessary and the laptop doesn’t cut it. Let’s just say you should not give a man your credit card and tell him to buy whatever he thinks is needed. Men + electronics are like horse women in tack stores. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It better be a really awesome computer or else!

Looks like I should start looking for new lenses for our camera and I really want an upgraded camera body as well. We have a Nikon D-70 and it works fine so I suppose I should hold off. I will put that on the list of wants and not needs. We all know what that is don’t we 🙂

We are doing a few more farm improvements as well. The one thing about living in Delaware is that it is flat and low with clay soil. We built awesome sacrifice paddocks or heavy use areas to bring the horses up into when the fields are wet so we can have nice grass. I have a good rotational grazing system but in winter it’s cold, wet and muddy. We need to add more crush and run and stonedust to build the paddocks up a bit more. As they get low which they tend to do naturally as horses walk on them (they do have fabric underneath) the water begins to lay and mud is created.

I was venting to a friend yesterday about how I always feel so poor and I wonder how different life would be without horses. Growing up, my family was heavily involved with horses and I know first hand it is a 24×7 lifestyle. The difference is that I know horses aren’t where the money is so I do work a full-time job which allows me to have a comfort level in paying for all the horse expenses and our farm. In another year or two we will be completed with the farm projects and hopeful at the point where we can just enjoy it all.

Winter is depressing so I have these thoughts about how riding is a chore and not fun every winter 🙂 Seasonal depression is common for those of us without an indoor! I immediately felt better yesterday when I saw the weather is going to be warm and dry for the next week. There is hope on the horizon 🙂

Last night, Kurt and I finished up clipping Diamond H and he looks pretty cool. I gave him a chaser clip which is neat looking on a big horse. You basically make a diagonal line from the ear down the body and clip everything below. I couldn’t stand all the hair he had on him and with the warm weather coming (see, don’t I sound more positive now) he needed to be clipped. Not to mention it looks more professional. He is so good to work on and didn’t need any drugs to be clipped. Love him!

This time next week I will be heading down to North Carolina to visit with Allie. I am going to take Cool Casey down with me to leave down there. He is a lovely horse and ready to be sold but this hard frozen ground is not kind to his feet. I think he will do super well in the nice sandy footing. He is a gorgeous horse and has the temperament and personality that I adore. I need to give him a good bath, mane pulling and a minor clip so they don’t have to do that when he gets there. I will miss him and his buddies are going to be sad as he is the instigator of all the field antics. I keep telling him it is no wonder his feet hurt when he is galloping around bucking and rearing with his buddies. He doesn’t know what it means to just chill.


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