Looking good!

The weather is finally improving and providing some much needed motivation for everyone. The sun was out but the 30mph wind gusts were not so much fun today. I started off with Diamond H who was quite good despite the crazy wind. He was looking around at things he never took a second glance at before but that was the worst the did which was impressive considering the rest of the horses today!

I brought Casey in and got him all clean up pulling his mane and clipping what I could. He really never got much of a coat and looks really good. I will give him a bath before we head for North Carolina. I would have ridden him but he was missing a shoe.

The wind has gotten even more intense and my boarder couldn’t even get her horse to go around so I figured I would just lunge shoes. He was really good to lunge and the canter looks fantastic. He no longer has any trouble cantering multiple circles very balanced and uphill. He has stopped bucking and being silly as well which is fantastic.

We tried to get some conformation pictures as well but they never come out as good as I hope. Really good conformation pictures are hard to get but you can see how much weight and muscle he has put on. He is one fancy horse and is going to kick some butt in the spring.

For reference

June 2010

Sept 2010

Nov 2010


It is supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow and hopefully not so darn windy. The wind wouldn’t be bad but the farmer left corn up right along side the ring and when the corn blows and the trees start blowing it just makes riding super difficult. The horses feel so good now that it has warmed up and the ground isn’t frozen. They just need a few good rides under them to settle down into work again.


2 responses to “Looking good!

  1. Wow, the boys are really looking good! I can’t believe the difference in Shoes — he looks like a different horse now that he has some muscle on him. 🙂

  2. Shoes is so pretty and his weight looks great. I love bays.

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