Trip South!!!

I headed out early Thursday morning to go visit with Allie and escape to warmer weather. I took Cool Casey down to stay and brought Shine My Shoes along with me to ride while I was down there. I figured it would be fantastic mileage for him to not only take a trip but to ride in lots of new places.

The horses settled in super quick and Allie and I hit the trails. I  got to ride Track’s protegé who was a CANTER Delaware Park donation who Allie has bought for herself. He is a total blast to ride and lead the trail like he had been doing it his whole life. Allie has many thousands of acres of riding right off her farm with gorgeous sand footing. You could ride for days out there. So amazing!

We took a visit to the CANTER farm in Cameron, NC where we have most of the CANTER horses. What a cute place with various fields and lots of run in sheds. I got to visit with some of the horses that came from Delaware Park. I rode Zippy and Kiss a Monster. Zippy is such a cool horse and one of those horses who is pretty plain until you get on him and then you find yourself going OMG. The canter on that horse is just lovely and he has a super brain. Kiss a Monster aka Monster was a horse that I had here in training for several months but he was growing like a weed and we thought he would benefit from some time to grow. Wow, he sure as heck did grow and is now about 16.1 h and cuter than cute. Suzanne had remarked how lovely he was and that he felt like a big time horse (she has ridden some of the most famous upper level eventers) so that was cool to hear as I had thought the same thing. His training is all still there and he was so soft and rideable. Allie took a bunch of pics so hopefully I can post some soon.

Shoes went out on his first trail ride down there (2nd trail ride ever!) and was absolutely incredible. He has grown up so much but it was neat to see him figuring it out as he went. He started out a bit nervous as Casey was hollering and he wasn’t fond of the dog that was with us but he settled in nicely. We had some nice trots and canters and played in a big pond which was super fun. He was really proud of himself! It was 80 degrees so the poor guy wasn’t sure what to think.

We headed out for his last trail ride yesterday and there as a group of six horses so a lot to handle and he was a pro. He was even better and would happily lead or follow. We mostly walked the whole time and then at the end there were three of us who went for a lovely canter and Shoes was in the back and cantered along so nicely. I had a perma smile on my face because he has the most incredible balanced canter where he just sits so soft in your hand never pulling and is just so adjustable. What a good boy!

I made the 8 hr trip home last night and am stil pretty tired. I hate driving solo but perhaps a sign that I am growing up when I felt brave enough to make the journey by myself 🙂 Shoes looked very tired when he got home last night and he was laying down in his stall when I came out this morning. He was happy to see me and is now out eating some of the grass coming up.

The trip was great for him and I think he has really grown up. He is such an amazing horse that I am surprised nobody has snapped him up. He isn’t for someone buying their first ottb but he would be perfect for someone who is a good rider looking for a horse who is going to be very competitive in eventing/jumpers.

I’m typing from my new computer and it is quite awesome. Kurt was eager to show me how quickly it processes the video’s so hopefully I will get some new video up this week.


3 responses to “Trip South!!!

  1. sorry we missed getting together great job on the ponies!

  2. So jealous! Glad you had a good time 🙂 I had a fun filled weekend of deep mud and pulled shoes, haha

  3. Next time come pick me up, I’m practically on your way! And/or you could even layover here.

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