Mud = no shoes

While we were adding footing to the sacrifice paddocks the horses were out and we got a good rain and of course that turned into mud and I now have three horses missing shoes. Farrier coming but I hate missing riding!

Diamond is still barefoot so we are plugging right along. He is just such a good boy. I got on him after a week off after I came back from North Carolina and he went around perfectly. I had Kurt stick a straw bale under the cavaletti and he came right around and jumped it. Good boy! We trotted a little pattern of cavalettis (big enough to jump) and cantered away each time.

We got to hit the trails for the first time with Diamond this weekend and once again he was awesome. Got right off the trailer and led the trail but was happy to follow as well. We did a bit of w/t/c and he had so much fun. He is just happy go lucky about everything which is what makes him so easy.

Shoes is currently waiting to get his shoe back on so he can get back to work. The farrier’s truck is out of action which is causing a delay. It’s been raining and crappy so I suppose no rush but Shoes is totally bored. As we cleaned the paddocks today he was following me around wanting to play.

I am containing the horses to the sacrifice paddocks as the fields are wet and they are actually green with grass. Horses don’t seem to understand that running around ont he really wet ground will eliminate their chances for nice green grass.

Seems like Kelly (writes on calabria rose’s blog) and I are having similiar experiences at work. Work is really kicking my butt at the moment not leaving a bunch of time. I also will be preparing for an interview and dealing with the stress that comes along with that. I have also been having dental work done this week and tomorrow I go back the 2nd time this week to have fillings put in. Go me!

I keep looking around reminding myself that spring is right around the corner and that means lots of cross country schooling and riding fun. We put the jumps back up in the ring and I built a fun little grid for the babies and added a few of the basic fillers. Can’t wait to get everyone jumping the jumps again.


5 responses to “Mud = no shoes

  1. Wow, your ring is really looking lovely! And, of course, Diamond is quite the looker as well.
    Hope youur farrier is able to come out soon so you can do some more riding.

  2. splishsplashriding

    I think work is kicking everyone’s butts right now. :(:(:( Good luck!!!!!

    Ashlea and Splash

  3. Sending good shoe vibes! And good interview vibes! Mine was sort of a fiasco, honestly, but at least it’s over with!

  4. Great blog, I just found it a few weeks ago. I have an OTTB question. Is there a way to contact you? Thanks and best wishes for great rides and good weather!

  5. Your jumps look fantastic……

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