Diamond is too cute

Amy, an Air Force pilot, comes out to ride when she has time. She is a good rider and used to foxhunt and compete in hunters and jumpers. She hadn’t been out in a while to ride so I thought Diamond would be a fun ride for her.

I was riding one of the young horses that I have in training and using Diamond as a lead around the ring as she thought the new jump course was pretty scary. Diamond didn’t even take a second glance at the change in scenery.

I got the biggest kick out of Amy’s face when she picked up the trot. He has such a lovely ground covering trot and she kept saying how much she loved his trot. He is the type that keeps a nice even pace at the trot but you have to support him with a bit of leg. She had an even bigger smile when she picked up he canter. His canter is a rocking horse canter and so easy to rid.e

She asked if she could go through the gymnastic that I had set up and I said sure. She trotted the individual fences first and then we put the gymnastics just as a pile of poles. There were three slightly raised cavaletti’s, 9ft to a x-rail and 18 ft to another x-rail. She just walked the first time to let him see it all and the next time came around and picked up a trot. He pricked is ears and trotted right down looking a bit like a wet noodle in terms of steering but super willing.

I made it back up to x-rails and he trotted right through nicely jumpig the x-rails. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She couldn’t get over how nice he was and asked could I please let her ride him a few times before he sells šŸ™‚ I have a friend coming to see him as a potential hubby horse so hoping that the hubby likes him as much as well all do.

I love watching the babies figuring it all out.


One response to “Diamond is too cute

  1. Too cute!

    He seems like such a nice horse – nice looking, and sounds like the perfect personality for a hubby horse if the wife may want to play around with the horse, too. If I were looking for my mom… šŸ˜‰ (I am having fun playing on her Warlander!)

    I look forward to seeing how Bill does. I still think he’s going to show his natural tendency toward being a dressage horse, and now that our barn’s a month from being built, I’ll be bugging you for info on him once you have him there!

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