Whips, they serve a purpose

My second blog post of the day but I had another laugh over this so I figured it was worthy of a post. Yesterday, I am riding Shoes and in a hurry as the rain is on the way and I wanted to get him ridden. I have no spurs on and don’t take out my whip. I figured he would be plenty forward as I hadn’t ridden him in a few days.

Everything is going good until we get to the canter. I keep talking about this darn canter but lord it always becomes an issue and a lot of it is my own stupidity. He started to get a bit nappy and wanting to stop near the ring entrance and I was getting after him. Kicking and using the end of the reins to give him a smack. I know he was silently laughing at me. When I go to pick up the canter he thinking he would rather not. I managed to get it but he kept stopping and we lost steering and forward.

I asked Kurt to get the long jockey whip out of the trailer and the minute he handed it to me I gave Shoes a smack on the butt and he immediately changed his attitude. He went from behind the leg to forward and agreeable in one stride. It only took letting him know I was going to smack his cute butt multiple times if he kept it up 🙂 He cantered around lovely and happily picked up the canter when asked.

I can’t tell you how many lessons I teach where I am telling the student’s to really let the horse know they are boss and give them a smack or two behind the leg. It’s super important to have the horse respect your leg at all times. Not just appear to be forward until they don’t want to go. Nope, always forward! You have to have forward before you can teach a horse how to work into contact, how to jump, how to trail ride and tons of other things. I don’t have any issues with Shoes going forward out on the trails but in the ring he seems to think it is an optional response. Ha, think again cute little Shoes. I shall be ready for you next time!

Now, it was totally my fault for not carrying the whip and I won’t make that mistake again. I 100% know better and I should always have my whip at all times. It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you need it and then you are sitting there losing the battle and mad because they are winning due to your stupidity. Even Kurt had to pipe in that I should have had the whip to begin with…hey now don’t kick me when I’m already down!

I love riding the greenies and how they remind you that every day is a different day.


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