A fresh splint

I couldn’t find the reason behind the lameness until today when the vet arrives and feels down his legs to find a fresh splint. Really, it wasn’t like that before so we probably made it worse riding him the past two days especially our 30 min walk down the road from the trail yesterday. He was super ouchy on it so tonight he got cold hosing, bute and dmso/cortisone.

The good news is that splints are minor and he just needs a bit of rest before he is good to go. I am sure he probably knocked himself in the field or something being silly. He is going to have to get some solo turnout until he heals up.


4 responses to “A fresh splint

  1. Well that is a relief! Is the girl still interested??

  2. That’s a drag, but fortunately, only a splint.

  3. splishsplashriding

    Bummer. 😦 Been there done that. Hope it is quick healing :):):)

  4. Shoes is everything Jess has said and then some! He was an absolute dream to ride both in the ring and out. He also just oozes charm and he sure knows it! Jess, you do an amazing job giving these horses a good start.

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