Before pictures

I got a good chuckle tonight when I walked Mort out to the ring and Kurt came out to do some pictures. Amy’s husband, Jeremy, said “I take it these are before pictures.” Ha, yes very much not so attractive at the moment BUT I have been doing this a very long time and this horse is something special. Uphill, athletic, three good gaits and a good brain. He simply needs a reshaping but you can do wonders on a horse like this. His neck is attached in the right spot but the muscle has to be rebuilt.

Llama..girafee..not sure what we shall call it ūüôā

He is a big guy at 16.2 but lanky. He gained weight at the layup¬†farm compared to what he looked like at the track but he is now on the skinny horse program. Powerpak, TC senior, rice bran and all the alfalfa he will eat. Then the good old start to teach him to round his back and stretch down program so he can build topline. It will take time but he is very much worth it. Something special about him that I can’t put my finger on but we shall see. Perhaps it’s because he has a canter like this?

I know I always talk about what a good boy Diamond is but he once again proved that he is a good ammy horse tonight. Amy was riding and jumped the gray arched walls for the first time and he was totally game. She came in a bit slow so he popped it but he tries so hard!


3 responses to “Before pictures

  1. Morty has a look of eagles-he’s a star in in the making. It will be fun to watch him come along.

  2. I’ve got a full plate with Tavern….but I rather like the photos of Mort. (Also like the 4 dark feet!)

  3. splishsplashriding

    Mort’s canter, even at this early “before” stage, looks SO balanced. I can’t wait to see what he does when he learns to round!

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