Let’s take a look at the progress

Isn’t he so cute!

One of the reasons why I enjoy writing this blog is that it truly shows the progression of horses from the very first ride. I typically take video of the first ride because Kurt is around helping me out. For the most part, I show everything on this blog which includes the good, bad and really ugly. I realize that I haven’t posted video of Mort’s first ride. I believe I wrote a bit about it and said he had going back to the barn issues. This video is super edited because Kurt was putting down the camera a lot to come get me out of the corner of the ring 🙂 Mort would be going along and the boom drop his shoulder and back to the gate. I was using the other half of the ring because any sight of the corner going back to the barn and he was over there. This is where having a bit of knowledge can come in handy because I told Mort he was a 6yr who had ran a bunch of races and needed to suck it up. I had Kurt stand in the corner of the ring with a lunge whip and DO NOT let him stop or back up. I have not had another problem since then! This was the first ride!

For comparison, this is today’s ride in 40mph winds with the jumps out to the sides of the ring and he went around like a big boy!

direct link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4virgSCzLFw

This is probably only is 6th ride in the ring! I took him trail riding twice this week but I have been super busy so I haven’t gotten on him as much as I need to. You can see how is muscling is starting to change and I am just trying to get him to stretch over his back. His body feels so different from where he started.

I can’t help but to smile everytime I ride him he is just such a cool horse. I really think he is going to go on and do big things. He is so brave and confident now so I hope we have that barn/gate issue behind us.


6 responses to “Let’s take a look at the progress

  1. Just wanted to say thank you very much for your policy of showing “the good, bad and the ugly” as this slow journey to perfection and balance is achieved with each new equine. Some of us unfortunately don’t have the advantage of an instructor such as yourself present (wish our farm was closer to your location) during these training sessions and we have many questions as to how to handle these problems. It is beyond helpful so see you in action as you deal with some challenging issues. Thank you for not editing. Congratulations to you on the graduation of Shoes from your program. Your long hard work has saved another ex-racer.

  2. Jess
    Loved the first ride video of Mort! When I brought home MJ (Tavern) my ring had no fencing around it – just completely open. MJ could run so fast side ways that I couldn’t keep him in it. I had to put up t-posts and hot wire tape (never hooked up to be hot) as temporary fencing just to keep him in…..funny now. Nothing like a little training.

  3. He looks like a completely different horse in the second video! I can’t get over how nice his butt and shoulder are. 🙂
    You do great work!

  4. Jess you sure can stick with them, good job today!

  5. Wow Jess!!! He looks really good! It’s so cool to see the before video and the now video! What a difference! Great job! 🙂

  6. Mort looks incredible!! He definitely looks like a powerful, athletic guy!

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