Someone go and buy her already

I know many of my readers also read Kelly’s blog but if you aren’t reading it go and take a look She is currently working with an absolute lovely mare named Canes Palace. Cane’s Palace was a donation from Delaware Park and one of my favorite trainers. She simply was too slow and needed to be a show horse.

There are some trainers that are just a pleasure to work with and Canes Palace’s trainer, Christine Berkeley, is one of the nicest people you will meet. She treats her race horses like show horses and when I met Canes Palace she was racing off the farm and being turned out during the field in between races. They get chiropractic treatment and anything else needed. No wonder they are such nice horses to work with! I bought a horse from Christine for a client and he was the easiest horse to bring along because she had given him such nice basics. Canes Palace has turned out to be just as easy.

I brought Canes Palace aka Cadence into my farm and got on her several days after her last race and she just marched around like she had been doing it forever. She is a true amateur ride which is what most people truly need. Great personality, nice mover, good jumper, safe and fun. Yes, she does crib which I realize is a turn off but well worth over looking to get yourself a truly lovely horse. She is well started on the flat and over fences, hacks out, has traveled off the farm, rides in the indoor and outdoor and just has the brain we all look for. Very much a kick along type of ride but I think many people prefer the quieter version and she is that. She is located in Damascus, MD and you should go see her!

I am surprised I haven’t had people kicking down the door for Mort. He continues to improve with each ride and is now jumping some baby fences. He is also a bit of a kick along type ride but he can get a bit jazzed up but not in a scary way. The other day when I was riding him ,I had Shoes turned out in the paddock beside the ring. He was mad that everybody else was getting ridden and proceeded to snort, throw his tail up, buck, rear and do all sorts of hilarious antics in his small paddock. I think it was the snorting that got Mort jazzed up but Mort simply puffed himself up and became a 18 hand horse instead of his normal 16.1 h. I was thrilled with how good he was because Shoes carried on for the next 20 min that I rode and Mort learned to ignore him as we all do 🙂

The canter is getting much stronger and we have both leads the majority of the time. He is pretty slow so the mantra is forward all the time not just when he wants to go forward. He just has a great feel about him and very nice natural gaits.

Patty, a blog reader (owns former CANTER MA horse Yellow Tavern), was asking about where Shoes is heading. Shoes sold to Jill who is also a blog reader. She flew in from Chicago to see him and really liked him (what’s not to like) but of course he was not sound. I did call her to say oh by the way now that you booked your tickets he is off. Wasn’t sure what was going on but then he popped the splint so bingo that was the issue. Some horses never react to splints but Shoes was not one of those. It looks like he had whacked himself causing some remodeling. X-rays and ultrasound were good so it has just been a matter of resting and letting it heal. He is sound now and getting some small paddock turnout. I ice and do surpass wraps on him and we also injected with cortisone. He will leave at the end of May to be Jill’s event horse and I think he is going to rock. He is a very talented horse and eventing or jumpers seemed to fit him the best.

I have met so many fantastic people who read my blog. I end up selling a bunch of them horses which I suppose is the point but I have to say my blog readers are awesome people. I feel like we are friend’s and not just internet strangers.

I may have some news about Diamond but I don’t want to jinx myself just yet. Check back for a potential update.


5 responses to “Someone go and buy her already

  1. aww, thanks jess! She is SUCH a good little girl – someone will get the deal of a lifetime!

  2. I’ve been following the blog and thinking she’s not right for me, but has to be SO RIGHT for someone! I hope she finds a good permanent home soon, but it’s great to see at least she has a good home now, too. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update, Jess. You feel like you get to know the horses through your blog and it’s just nice to have a “mental picture” of where they are and what they are up to. And, like me, a lot of their new owners will send real photos and that’s fun, too!

  4. I can hardly wait for Shoes to come to IL. I’ll be sure to update with pictures and Shoes “stories”, of which I’m sure there will be plenty. I just wish I could bring several Canter horses home with him. Jess has taken such good care of him while he is resting that splint.

  5. splishsplashriding

    Where is the “like” button on WordPress? :):):):)

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