I’m still here

I feel like I am going 100mph in every direction at the moment which I suppose is normal for us but it can be a bit overwhelming. I hinted at a potential home for Diamond but that didn’t pan out. Such is life when selling horses but in the process I always get to meet truly awesome people which I enjoy. I think that making connections is half the battle when you are networking horses. You work with people and let them see how easy we are to deal with and hopefully they just keep coming back to see our horses which is typically what happens.

I was reading Kelly’s blog about missing shoes/twisted shoes and we are having a bit of a spell with that. Diamond and Mort lost shoes but farrier will be there today to get us fixed up again.

Mort is going so very well. I talk a lot about how horses change when they come into the training program. Mort came in nervous and lacking confidence. Right now he has his swagger on. He is almost a bit cocky about how cool he is and he wants to strut his stuff. He has learned how to use his parts and he just feels like a big horse. I obviously knew he was special the first ride but every time I get on him he just gets better. He is an event horse all the way and I hope to get him out on x-c here soon!

I was all set to do some jumping video/pics of him but I took a rough fall and am still a bit sore at the moment so instead we did a free jump video. I had done a tiny bit of free jump with him the day we did Diamond’s video and Mort didn’t quite enjoy the grid of jumps so this time I just wanted to make it simple. He is a overthinker so making it simple to encourage him to relax was the goal.

We started with a x-rail, then a vertical, then an oxer, then an oxer with a barrel under it and then an oxer with a fat pipe under it. He was brave and very smart about things. I sent the video to Allie and she emailed back and said eventer all the way. No, he doesn’t have the traditional hunter style but he snaps his legs up super quick and uses his body well. He is balanced and smart with his feet. Never touched anything and adjusted himself accordingly. Look at his trot!


He has put on so much weight and muscle and he thinks he is all that and then some. More riding video to come. You won’t believe the difference!


3 responses to “I’m still here

  1. Mort has enjoyed a rather short evolution into a confident and stunning young man. As always, your hard work is reflected in the horses under your care.
    Sending healing thoughts your way. Glad to know that you are O.K.
    Very much enjoy reading your blog !

  2. The change in Mort is absolutely amazing. Not just his body, but his attitude! What a ham and now he oozes self confidence.

  3. What an awesome and brave fellow. He is going to make someone a fabulous eventing partner- it is easy to see how much work y’all have put into him.

    I’m glad you’re back to posting up dates. I hope you heal quickly!!

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