This is a happy horse

Shine my Shoes got his shoes back on and was ready to get back to some sort of work. He has been getting some turnout in a small paddock after a month of more of stall rest to heal his splint. Leave it to Shoes to have a reactive splint..he is a trouble maker but I love him 🙂 He has the absolute biggest personality you will find. He constantly is doing things that make me laugh but drive me crazy at the same time. He enjoys picking up all the barn tools and putting them in his stall. He finds it hilarious to take off his wraps and then chew them into pieces..yeah funny but totally not funny 🙂 He likes to play with his own blankets by biting the chest and pulling them and then he squeals and runs away like someone else is biting him. He also has the best set of lips on him. I always leave his door feed door open so he can stick his head out and he enjoys using his lips to make the funniest faces you will ever see. Constant source of entertainment.

I took him out for a bit of lunging yesterday so I could show Jill how he is looking. I told her he had gotten quite chunky. He sure likes to eat! Just putting the bridle on him is a challenge and he is trying to eat everything and chew on it. He was so darn happy to be lunged and I was showing Amy and her hubby why it’s important to wear gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He did some bucks, kicks and general airs above grounds before settling. I put the side reins on but not tight enough to make him focus. Isn’t he cute!

He will be leaving at the end of this month and I know Jill is so excited to see him. I know she is going to love him but I will really miss his big personality in my barn.

Speaking of someone who is happy, here is Amy riding Diamond H

She absolutely loves Diamond and they make a great team. I let her ride him when she comes out because he is just so easy going. She jumped him around a little course and he looks super. He is just a fun horse to ride and anybody can ride him.

I rode Mort who was slower than slow. I think the free jumping made him tired because he has never been so lazy. I don’t think the pics are great because I couldn’t really push him up into the bridle at all despite using the whip to keep him forward. On days like that it’s best to make it short and sweet and not struggle to accomplish something that isn’t happening.

I have to do this because it will be an interesting show of why you can’t just go off pictures. This was the first picture that was sent for CANTER to advertise Mort when he was on the farm

I was doing rounds at the track for CANTER and Mort had went back into the track and when the trainer pulled him out I was pleasantly surprised because I had only seen the above photo. I thought to myself that he looked like an event horse and he was just so quiet and smart looking.

Pics taken yesterday


2 responses to “This is a happy horse

  1. OK, I’m getting ready for Shoes and pulling out my velcro breeches. What a sassy boy! He will fit in perfectly here . Every gate and stall already has a double lock with a snap to thwart those magic lips. Somehow I must attract those kind of horses.
    BTW, Mort looks fantastic, what a difference.

  2. Shoes is so beautiful – love love love his face! Jill is lucky. Mort does look much better, and love the last pic of his face too:)

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