Some leave and more arrive

I realized it had been a while since I updated the blog. Kurt is away visiting his family and I am flying solo on the farm so I don’t have much spare time.

There have been some updates in my CANTER herd. Diamond H went with Karen who also owns Houndy (former CANTER MA horse). Houndy continues to be his wonderful self and I know Diamond will fit right in with the crew.

Shoes left early Saturday morning around 1am to head to Illinois. His new owner has sent pictures and let me know that he has settled in nicely. I can tell you that I once again walked down my driveway muttering how much I love ottb’s. I loaded him on this HUGE commerical rig in the pitch dark on the side of a road. He had to walk down the long driveway past the other horses who were running around snorting with the neighbors dogs barking headed towards this alien space ship looking trailer. It had the blinking lights on and lights everywhere. The van driver was pulling down the ramp and setting up his box stall so there was all this noise. I walked him all the way down and waited for the driver to get done and Shoes patiently waited. The ramp was quite steep but he marched right up there without even a second look. He put him in the box and immediately Shoes went for the hay. He didn’t holler or look around but was rather confident about the whole thing. Sure made it easy on us and I just thought that he will have a perfect home and a perfect job as an event horse. You can beat his attitude..well he does have a bit of a tude sometimes but mostly it’s a good attitude 🙂

Mort continues to be a good boy. Speaking of attitudes, have you ever watched a horse completely change personality? One of the coolest thing about what I get to do on is watch these horses change. Mort came in like a big dog with a tail between his legs. He had zero confidence and was getting his butt kicked by everyone. Now he thinks he is the MAN. That is great but it led to him thinking he would pin a new horse in the corner and bite him up and down. That resulted in Mort getting an attitude adjustment because he is now in with a horse who let him know that inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Now Mort is back to his nice self. I really do believe in letting the herd humble a horse if needed as long as they won’t get hurt.

We have some new arrivals from donations some who I have seen in person and others that just sound nice but I haven’t seen yet.

I don’t have pictures of the gray horse that came in but I am eager to see him. I know he is a 3yr by Black Tie Affair.

Yesterday, one was dropped off at my barn. He is a HUGE 16.2 at the withers and 17 h at the butt 3yr and quite pretty.

He will get to go to the farm and finish growing and I will probably bring one back to start working with. I am trying not to take on too much right now so that I can focus on bringing along the horses that I do have while not working myself to hard.

We have limited pasture space at the moment as we reseeded most of the fields. Right now it’s all about mowing and  weed whacking. I complain that 11acres is too small but truthfully it’s probably just right. 11 acres is still a lot of work when you have horses and a full-time job. The grass if overtaking me right now 🙂


6 responses to “Some leave and more arrive

  1. That bay is stunning! Care to share bloodlines? Looks like a good future hunter from the pic. (And that is a compliment even if I’m a dressage person!)

    My horse once again showed how great OTTBs are last week. He’s been lame a while due to ripping a show partway off and stabbing himself with it. He has therefore been walking only for about 3 weeks. And usually runs about 15 miles/week on his own in addition to 6+ hours of riding. And is still high energy.

    So we’re chatting, and all of a sudden hear this rushing noise – totally what tornadoes sound like in the movies. We look and see a dust devil (twirling wind and dust making a spiral looking like the funnel of a miniature tornado with no cloud above it) coming our way. The vet had time to close up the open compartments of his truck, but I didn’t have time to get my horse away. It comes across, right over the boat parked nearby, rips the top off it, and carries it over 20 feet from us and hovers it in the air for around 15 seconds before dropping it on the ground. My OTTB spun in a circle so he could be better, and stood there looking with wide eyes. Never crowded or pulled on me, never paniced. Never showed the signs of being a very high energy horse who hasn’t been able to let it out. Just watched to make sure he could get away if necessary. And as soon as it was gone, was immediately back to snuggling his nose under my arm and into my side. What a good boy!

  2. love the bay, do tell more!! Check out my facebook for pictures of the new addition a red head we have named him Reggie!!

  3. Can’t wait to see the Black Tie Affair 3 year old. I had a mad crush on BTA when he used to race at Arlington Park.
    Mr. Tude, aka Shoes settled in immediately. Our midwest weather has been awful, but he has been a trooper. The upside to all the rain is wonderful grass and he is having a great time with his new girl friend Susie. He was playing in the water this am with her.

  4. Who are the newbies? The bay is beautiful but I love the chestnut’s face:)

    • jessicamorthole

      Rockin Fun is the bay and hold that halo is the chestnut. I have to get some pictures of the gray and very dk bay that arrived.

  5. Jessica — I had my eye on Hold that Halo when he was on CANTER. He just looks like my kinda guy. Can’t wait to see how he comes along with you.
    – Melissa W.

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