I love track visits for CANTER

I spent a large part of my childhood on the backside of the racetrack. My stepfather was one of the leading trainer’s at Delaware Park for several years and we had a very large barn there. I have always enjoyed the track.

When Allie asked if I was willing to start-up a CANTER MA group at Delaware Park, I jumped at the chance. I love the track and really enjoy being involved in helping the horses into new homes. This is our third year at Delaware Park and we are going strong. My favorite part is developing a relationship with the trainers and showing them that our program can work.

There are always going to be some bad folks at the track who don’t care about their horses but thankfully I find that there are more people who really care than those who don’t.

As we made the rounds this weekend I finally ran into Pam. Pam is a trainer who lists horses with us frequently but for whatever reason I hadn’t had the chance to meet her directly. She explained that it was an all woman barn. She only trains for women and they are very strict about selling the horses when they start dropping down in class instead of running them. If they don’t look like they want to run then she sends them back and they are sold as show horses. You can just walk through her barn and see happy horses who are relaxed and well cared for. We took two listings for her and when we went around to the other side of the barn this guy was taking his nap. She went right in with him and was giving him some love.

He wasn’t interested in getting up for his pictures so out she went to get the buckets of mints. She was standing at the stall door unwrapping the mints for him and he slowly got up. It was too cute!

We have been following Barrister Bay for the past year. He is an absolute lovely horse and his trainer just loves to talk horses. We always stop in and chat with him to see how his horses are doing and all that good stuff. I love being able to get a glimpse into the daily life of the horses. They might go out for a little work but afterwards they get a bath and then a roll in the sand.

Moments like this are worth waking up early Saturday morning to go make a track visit. You realize that you play a huge role in helping these horses find homes and the trainers really appreciate what we do. We have such a great group of volunteers who have put so much time into developing our program at Delaware Park. We take pride in the work that we do and there is nothing better than hearing the trainers tell us about their horses finding great homes.


3 responses to “I love track visits for CANTER

  1. splishsplashriding

    Those pics are so awesome!!!!! It is really great to see and hear about the trainers that really care about their horses. Bring home that grey day :):)

    Ashlea and Splash

  2. Aawww, so glad that those horses are spoiled like they should be! The chestnut is gleaming with good health, and how nice that he’s so comfortable with his trainer that he stays lying down. It’s great to see that some racehorses really are treated liek kings.

  3. Pam is great! She will talk to you all day long about her horses!

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