Spoke too soon

Ah, the joys of horses and their ability to totally mess with your plans. Mort had been going fantastic. I had tons of interest and someone vetting him. Don’t you know where this is going? He did something in the field and has come up sore on his stifle. The vet was out to block the leg and it is positive to the stifle more than likely he just tweaked it. He is getting rest, surpass slathered on his stifle and we will probably inject in about a week from now and see how it comes.

My horse also came up sore although he has a multitude of old injuries mainly his knee that has some spurs and arthritis in it. He has been super sound up until this point so possible he just did something to stress the old injury which had recently been x-rayed and injected. It was really a gamble bringing him back into hard eventing work anyway and he doesn’t owe me a thing so if he can’t stay comfortable then he will just be the hubby’s trail horse and lead me around on all the greenies.

I currently am only riding the big 3yr that is owned by a client. I was down to four horses but only one ridable horse leaves me bored so I am off to the farm to bring back more horses this weekend. Not sure who I am bringing over yet. Allie wants me to focus on some of the horses who have been there hanging out the longest and need to get moved into new homes.

I started thinking perhaps I will start shopping around for another horse for myself. I’m not sure though because really this year was to be about paying off debt. I might hold off another year and focus on CANTER horses for right now.

If anybody is in the Centreville, MD area this weekend we are going to try to go get some pictures and videos of the horses at the farm if you would like to join.


5 responses to “Spoke too soon

  1. Didn’t you post about a certain CANTER horse who someone should buy because she’s so nice?

    Just saying, before she gets moved down to NC….

    (Though I have no idea what kind of horse you would want, or if she fits that!)

    I look forward to hearing about new horses, but hope everyone’s healed and rideable soon!

  2. Did you end up selling that nice chestnut warmbloodish horse you used to have (Charlie, I think? I’d have to search your old posts to find him)? He was lovely.

    • jessicamorthole

      Yes, he sold quickly. He was one of my personal horses that I now regret selling.

      On Wed Jun 8th, 2011 8:38 AM EDT

  3. Can I cast my ballot for Acclimate? He had style and from what you posted, seemed to be quite the trooper!

  4. Funny – everyone else wants you to get the horses they’re interested in, and I’m hoping either you don’t get Dance With Bill over, or he doesn’t end up having the dressage potential I think he looks like he has from the photos of him! Right now it would be hard to work out the finances of the trip out to try him, shipping across the country, etc., since we just finished building a barn and want to have the finances to fund any emergency bills at home at all times… but if he were to turn out being the horse I think he may be, I would figure it out!

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