Show and Tell

We have horses on the farm that our director hasn’t even seen yet which I find pretty funny 🙂 Today we headed out to capture them on film and video which is quite the adventure. So very thankful to have the help of Lauren, Shannon, Randy, Mikaela and of course my hubby.

Have you ever tried lunging horses in huge open fields? Horses that don’t know how to lunge and think you are the devil? Well it makes for an interesting day. It’s a good way for me to get a read on their personality and movement before bringing them to the retraining facilities.

We started out in one field and did some pictures and video there. Remember Rockin Fun from the earlier blog post? He is a lovely 6yr and has been at the farm for a few weeks. Wouldn’t even recognize him. Bleached out and losing weight and muscle and he transitions from track to farm.

Next up was Luke’s Notion. He is a big 16.2 h and growing 3yr that never raced. He is in the long and lanky stage for sure!

I wanted to check out the new horses so we headed over to the other field. The two new guys are super friendly and came right up.

This is Hold that Halo also another big growing 3yr who is about 16h or so. He has lost a bit of condition since arrival due to the challenges of fitting into a new group and 100+ degree weather. I think he will be okay in a few more weeks but the transition period can just be a bit tougher on some.

Cyber Gray Vette arrived with Halo and they are best buddies. He was very tired from all the recent hot weather. It was cooler today but the humdity and sun still made it feel quite hot.

Excuse the really large halter. We grabbed two halters to take out and the one was for Pegagus Fever and he has a huge head.

Next up is Letterman’s Humor who is a super cool now 9yr graded stakes winner. He kicked around the track for a long time and came to us in September of 2010 and has just been hanging out. He has gotten a bit feral since arrival and this was the first time I could actually halter him thanks to having help.

Rusty Should Run is a 7yr who is just the sweetest boy you could ask for.

We finished in that field and decided that since we had the halter on Letterman he was coming home with me and we brought Bushy’s Yield as well who we didn’t get pics of. I stuck them on the trailer for the last hour or so of our visit. Letterman=not happy but Bushy was very chill about it all.

We went to visit the mares. We only have two mares on the farm right now that belong to CANTER. Devon O Seven is a big 4yr mare who is quite the tank.

Wonderful Wise is a dainty cute little 5yr mare who wants to be a little hunter pony.

Here is the video of all of them so be patient if you want to see them all.

Order of go:

Devon O seven (bay with white star)

Wonderful Wise (light bay being lunged)

Rusty Should Run (chestnut with wide blaze)

Luke’s Notion (dk bay)

Rockin Fun (super ouchy on feet)

Letterman’s Humor (bay in huge field)

Cyber Gray Vette (gray)

Hold that Halo (chestnut with white strip)

Luke’s Notion being ridden. He probably hasn’t been ridden since sometime last year at the track. He was a really good boy!

Please keep in mind that the horses are barefoot and the ground is currently concrete. The most recent horses (rockin fun, cyber gray vette and Hold that Halo) got shoes pulled recently and are very foot sore. Rusty also has flatter feet and is ouchy on the hard ground.

As we drove home we hit some wicked storms with heavy rain but it wasn’t raining at our house. I got Letterman and Bushy in the barn and into a small paddock with their attached stalls right before the storm got to us. Kurt and I had to hang out in the barn for a while until the rain let up. We were happy to see the rain. The ground is so hard here and it has been so hot. It was a welcome sight.


3 responses to “Show and Tell

  1. I swear I don’t have a thing for greys (dark bays who look similar to my guy on the other hand? Yep…), but I really liked Cyber Gray Vette. Of course, it’s hard to tell how they’ll be before getting back into work, but I liked how he used himself and moved through his shoulder.
    But really, watching them all – there’s so much potential there! I guess that’s the benefit of horses born to be athletes – may all go in different disciplines, but they can all do something!

  2. Loved how Hold that Halo had to travel with his best buddy Cyber Gray.
    It was just adorable and so entertaining. Typical Tbred behavior 🙂
    Many thanks to all the volunteers for the great video.

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