Some different pictures

Everyone helped to take pictures and these are some that Shannon got which are better than what we captured.

Rockin Fun

Lettermans Humor

Cyber Gray Vette

Wonderful Wise

Rusty Should Run

One thing that I didn’t say yesterday is that we really appreciate our farm owners. They are very funny as they worried that the farm doesn’t “look good.” I always think it’s heaven on earth for horses. You can tell the horses are relaxed and happy and look at those enormous fields of grass. She worries about the new horses that drop weight and finds fault in herself but I constantly remind them that it happens at every farm regardless of how much you feed them. The transition from track to farm can be a tough one and it just takes time. We couldn’t run CANTER without the help of our great farms. I would like to send all my skinny horses over there for a few months on that grass 🙂

Off to go evaluate Letterman. I have ridden Bushy before and he is a super sweet awesome guy. Letterman will be a project but I can bet he is super smart and should be just fine!


5 responses to “Some different pictures

  1. Cyber Gray is a BEAUTIFUL horse. Woooweee. ❤

  2. the farm looks beautiful and all that yummy grass. Please let her know we think she is wonderful to help the horses!

  3. The farm looks really nice!

  4. hmph, hate not being able to see flickr pics from work!

  5. mahaveer singh

    nice pic.

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