So much for that

Remember how I said that I was slowing down???? Ha, today there will be 8 horses in my barn. Hopefully, two are headed to the big farm very soon so they are just staying for a short period of time.

I had went over and brought Letterman’s Humor and Bushy’s Yield back with me. I have gotten as far as pulling manes, giving baths, clipping them up and putting on fly sheets. They have settled in nicely to the program. Since the arrived I have been absolutely crazy busy with other emergency situations.

I was supposed to meet the vet to have Mort’s stifle injected on Monday. He is much better but we are just providing him some relief with the injection to help everything quiet down. I had to change that plan as we got a call on Monday from another TB rescue that there was a Delaware Park horse at the sale and could we see if we knew him. I did know of the horse and we will be receiving funds from Delaware Park this year so we went ahead and bought him. I had to head home to meet the shipper.

His old CANTER listing

He settled in great and other than being thirsty he is in super condition. My phone has been ringing off the hook this week for CANTER related matters. We have periods that tend to be like this but it can get overwhelming especially on top of my regular job and life on the farm.

Yesterday, I got a call that one of former CANTER horses needs to be returned due to time constraints with her owner. Her name is Escape by Sea and she is an absolutely lovely mare so she will more than likely be standing in my barn today when I get home. One of the really great things about buying a horse from CANTER is that we will take them back. I literally said sure just drop her off and stick her in a stall. We also had another horse returned this week also due to time constraints. Sea Flip who was one of my absolute favorites is now down in North Carolina. I was told Suzanne has already hopped on him and declared him very cool…no surprise there! I understand people getting busy and not having enough time or money to campaign the horses and feeling guilty that the horses are just standing around.

I had to dig out a hilarious picture of Escape by Sea. We were asked to ride in the retired racehorse symposium in a very packed indoor. Bella was only recently off the track, had never been off the farm and had just started over fences. Sounds like a recipe for success, doesn’t it? I knew she would be just fine and sure enough she marched around that indoor. My friend Alison was riding her recently off the track 12yr tb, Top Punch so it was a cool contrast of horses recently off the track but very different ages. Steuart Pittman kept asking us to jump and this mare had never seen more than an x-rail. I had a very careful position because of this type of jump that I knew she could do!

See that rolltop right heading toward the crowd? Well she jumped the living daylights out of that as well and scared herself a bit. I am sure I looked horrible but better to stay on sometimes than worry about looking pretty.

I will probably take my new arrivals to the farm because I really can’t have so darn many horses at my place. I need to find some time to get on the new boys so hopefully there are no more curveballs this week 🙂


4 responses to “So much for that

  1. Yeah I am so excited for the new horses!! I know you don’t need the work, but it so fun to see them safe and happy.

  2. when it rains…. Am interested to see Bella go now that she’s grown up a bit, though 🙂

  3. So I love the last picture. No only is the horse GORGEOUS but that trailer is MASSIVE!

  4. I was t that symposium and she was SO good, brave! I can’t imagine that someone
    will scoop her up quickly. Sure wish I could!!

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