Behold the cuteness of Bushy

I haven’t gotten as much done with the new horses as I have wanted to but it has been a bit of a transition period for them so sometimes it’s best to just let them settle and now they are good to go. I also am temporarily housing a breeding stallion..long story but doing a favor because I could help some good people out. Adding a stallion to the farm has been some creative management but he is a very cool 10yr TB that has lovely breeding and is a super classy animal. He was rescued and is now getting evaluated to see what his future will hold.

Mort, Bushy, Letterman and Bratty Buck are all turned out together and watching them all play will keep you entertained. Mort and Bushy are absolutely hilarious!

Bushy had already been to my farm in April for a week or so when somebody was supposed to try him and then ended up not showing. He is such a sweetie and a true war horse who ran 59 races and made over $130k. He is only a 7yr! Personally, I love an older horse because they have been there and done that. He marches in the ring and just goes around like he knows the drill.

I stuck him on the lunge line and he was good about that and then we had a little w/t/c around. No real agenda just test out all the gears. He seems like a happy go lucky type of horse. I hate to say but these older guys can be harder to sell and he is only 15.2 so I have my work cut out for me but I am a believer in these types so I know I can find him a good home.

Some video



5 responses to “Behold the cuteness of Bushy

  1. I think he is very cute. And I like his age and size, I wish I could afford another horse.

  2. Wow! He’s super cute! But I’m way too far away and can’t take on another project. I’m working with my 4yo racing bred, but never made it to anything other than a rescue, mare! I would love an “old” (Who really considers 7 old?!) guy to poke along with!!!

  3. He was mentioned on the Chronicle of the Horse forums, so hopefully someone over there will like him!

    (And I’m sorry – even though I ride dressage and my guy is 16.3… 15.2hh is not short! Of course, I’m 5’1″, but I prefer 15-16hh in general!)

    • jessicamorthole

      What forum over on coth? Hope somebody likes him and I totally think 15.2 is the perfect size but most of the public thinks 16h is a must.

      On Tue Jun 21st, 2011 7:51 PM EDT

  4. Jess, it’s a good thing I live so far away or I would have every stall full.

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