Personality emerging

We have gotten several horses donated from the same trainer and they have all been super well broke but what I would call stand offish on the ground. They are not sure of humans but they eventually warm up. Letterman’s Humor is a classy stakes winner who ran 57 races making over $168k. He is now 9yrs old and just starting his second career but he is very much like Bushy in that he knows his job and is totally game for whatever you ask.

I would say he is just slow to trust but being in a small barn with the same people handling him and a daily routine he is warming up to me. He loved Pat over at the layup farm but each time I tried to catch him he laughed in my face 🙂 Even now I still either have a halter or fly mask on him but honestly we are almost there. It makes a big difference when they come in for grain twice a day and get to stand in with their fans on each day. I go in and chat with him every morning before work while he is eating. Just scratching him behind his ears and letting him know that he is loved.

Tonight was his first ride and he was excellent. I expected him to be good because a horse doesn’t run for 6 yrs on the track and not know what the deal is when it comes to riding but he was very relaxed and happy. The first rides are very much at their own pace. I try to just stay out the way and let them go however they want. Very short and sweet type of rides just to feel them out. I don’t pressure them for anything at this stage.

If they run into the canter no biggie. I always have the neck strap and just hold on to it because you don’t want to pull back as forward is the right answer for them. I try to stay up and out of their way as much as possible. He totally cracked me up doing the lead change to his left lead! Amy was riding Bushy at the same time and they both seemed cool with other horses in the ring.

I think Letterman just has the “look” about him. He is one freakishly smart horse.

His vid-

In other news, I sadly took Mort back to the layup farm yesterday. He needs some time to rest that stifle and the right thing to do is turn him out. I brought back Rockin Fun and I am excited to get him started. I am totally going to sell some horses 🙂 Ha, if I keep saying it then it will come true but Letterman and Bushy have been at the farm since Sept of 2010 simply because we haven’t gotten to them yet. They both really want to have their own people.



2 responses to “Personality emerging

  1. He sure is going to be a nice one, isn’t he? I love the use of his back end, goofiness and not sure how a non-racehorse is supposed to carry himself and all!

    A non-rhetorical question the lead change made me think of… My horse has an interesting habit in turnout, and I’m wondering if it’s a typical racehorse trait. Regardless of what direction he’s going, he takes the long sides as straight as he can and curves the short side. The odd part of it, to me at least, is he always has the correct lead on the turn, and switches to the “wrong” lead for the straightaway, then switches back before he turns again. It does happen either direction, so it’s not related to a preference for one lead – do you think it’s related to his race training?

  2. I love this horse! From seeing him at the track, I went from from hoping he found a good home, to wondering if CANTER should actually take him, to liking what I saw in CANTER’s layup field (Letterman not wanting to be caught, but he would stand for a back scratch, a horse with irony… I like that), to Jessica’s description of “freakishly smart.” Looks like a quality horse to me!

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