Happy 4th!

Around here we spend Holiday’s getting up early and getting all the horses ridden before it gets too hot.

Auto Pilot is way smarter and let’s us know a good nap under a fan is the way to go 🙂

Amy came out to help me get some of the riding done which was great as it was already hot at 8am. Our first set was Letterman and Bushy.

She rode Bushy and jumped him around a little bit. Check him out for his 2nd time ever jumping! He had never seen that brush jump which is about 2’3″ and look how game he was about it.


Letterman was just on his second ride and is already figuring things out. He is such a cool horse and what an athlete he is. You can just feel the power and strength that is going to be there when he gets fit.

For our next set, I rode Rockin Fun who as doing his first ride and Amy rode another one of my greenies.

Rocky was super wild….. 🙂

He lacks muscle but is very chill about life and just wanted to hang out instead of do any real work.

I think both Letterman and Rocky were tired today as we made a long trip up to Pa yesterday to visit with our vet friend. She is a great supporter of CANTER and donated some x-ray services for Rocky and Letterman who both had quite good feet, ankle and knee x-rays. It’s nice to have a baseline set of x-rays done to know what you are working with. How about Letterman the war horse who ran 58 races and retired at age 8 with clean x-rays!

They were both super good for the 2.5 hr trip and hung out quietly in the trailer waiting their turns. I have such a great group of CANTER horses in right now. Sure makes it fun to go out to the barn each day and have your choice of horses to ride.

I enjoy them all but Letterman is probably my favorite just because I love the way he feels. He’s got an engine on him.

I will get them all out on the trails a bit more to build up some muscle. Just wish the trails weren’t concrete. We once again got missed by all the T-storms last night.




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