Hey Byrn update

I know we have a lot of folks who are following his story so I will give an update. Hey Byrn is off to the next step in his journey which is living with another awesome CANTER volunteer where he can have a bigger stall to move around in while we continue to evaluate him. I have an absolutely full barn right now and fit him in because he had to move right away off the track. My barn is a busier type of barn and not the right set up for him right now. He needs a quieter routine.

We have had some offers to move him to permanent locations and people who want to offer him care but he is not in a condition to ship long distances at this point in time. He is in great hands and we are doing all that we can for him at the moment.

As the drugs/injections started to wear off he became increasingly more lame on his ankle. This is not something that can be fixed at this point in time. There is a surgery that you can do called arthrodesis which is what Barbaro had done. You can watch a clip here- http://www.roodandriddle.com/2010/10/arthrodesis-surgery/ and we are looking into it. There are just so many complications of a surgery like that so options have to be carefully thought out at this point so we are sure to do what is right for the horse.

The main issue in his ankle is that there are many fragments that have just been left in there and as a result there is significant arthritis. There is also a total loss of joint space so the bone is rubbing on bone which is very painful.

We will continue to post updates.






9 responses to “Hey Byrn update

  1. Jess, Thank God that horse ended up with you girls. Even if the end is not positive, he is at least receiving good loving care.

    • jessicamorthole

      Jill, you are right about that! I find peace of mind knowing they have had a chance to come to the farm and just relax and be spoiled if the ending is near.

  2. Margaret Burlingham

    I watched Hey Byrn on TV and he had a lot of heart. I wondering what he was doing. I’m so glad that he has someone who cares looking out for him. So sad he was run until he can’t even walk.

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  4. Sonya Richardson

    I love Hey Byrn so much! I fell in love with him when I saw him at the Florida Derby. I have a beautiful picture of him. This just breaks my heart. Thank you so much for trying to save his life. I hope and pray he makes it.

  5. Thanks for keeping us up to date on Hey Byrn. Eighteen years ago, we took on a horse with a similar situation who also had a Fx sesamoid and decided to forego the arthrodiesis in favor of getting some of the fragments removed. Unfortunately, the prior steroid abuse had altered the immune function of the joint, resulting in a bone infection after surgery. It took several months of antibiotics to clear the infection and a year and a half in the stall for the ankle to fuse. Then, we began hand walking him all over the farm. The horse did have a permanent limp but was still very healthy, happy and relatively comfortable. He was a stallion and would gallop and buck and jump so much in his paddock that we would worry that he might slip and fall. Occassionally, he would over do it and like any horse with arthritis, require a short rest in his stall with some minor meds.

    Handwalking him around the farm was his all time favorite activity and made him an incredible walking companion and pet for our family members. We were blessed to share our lives with him for 15 years when concerns for his safety caused us to euthanize him.

  6. Hello, How is Hey Byrne doing?

  7. Allie and All…….is there any update on Hey Byrn……keeping him in my thoughts and prayers along with my fellow Fans of Barbaro……..we love him!
    Jamie Gillispie

  8. jessicamorthole

    Hey Byrn went back to Eisaman Equine where we were told he would live out his life. He is now with New Vocations.

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