Lots of hacking

Right now the CANTER horses (Letterman and Rockin Fun) are just spending a lot of time hacking out. We go trail riding all across the fields behind the house just taking our time and letting them slowly but surely build the new muscles.

Rocky is absolutely dead quiet. He leads, follows and even will bush whack across new trails that aren’t cut. Yesterday, Amy was riding him and we went on some new trails that required going up and down these mounds of dirts and then past a scary pond and lots of construction equipment. They must be logging parts of the woods so there were a bunch of tree cutting machines and all sorts of other stuff back there. Rocky could have cared less about it all. He pokes around on a loose rein not caring what the horse in front of him is doing. He is going to be super for any sort of rider.

Letterman is a more cautious sort but not what I would call bad just not relaxed like Rocky. He tends to want to scoot forward at any little noise in the beginning of each ride but gets better as you go along. He prefers to lead and isn’t too keen on following but we have been working on that and it’s getting better. We play leap-frog so I ride in the front, back and side by side. He has started to figure out that it’s no big deal. I often find that the more competitive the horse was on the track the less likely they are to just go along with things when out in groups. He isn’t being bad but he does think he is the man and shouldn’t have to be in the back.

It looks to be a super hot week so we will likely be doing just a bit of light work building muscle but not pushing them to hard.


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