Yummy hay

This is a very random post but I am sure most horse people can totally understand the joy of having a nice supply of hay.

My hay guys are the most awesome people in the whole world. I’m sneaky and won’t share their info so don’t ask πŸ™‚ My HAY, all my HAY!!!!!!!!! I found them about six years ago during the middle of a drought when hay prices were crazy high and there was no hay to be found. It’s a family run business that used to be dairy cows and is now beef cows. They sell hay on the side and are super loyal to their customers. They make sure I have my hay before they sell it to everyone else which is why I love them so much.

They have sort of taken us under the wing and always call us when the hay is ready, bring it over, help stack and tell me to pay when I have the money. I don’t know many people who stack gorgeous 3rd cutting alfalfa in your barn and tell you to pay when you can but that is the type of guys they are. I just bought two loads of gorgeous timothy so I was straight out of funds but needed that alfalfa for the Tb’s and they know I will pay them shortly when I collect the board checks.

We had run out of alfalfa from last year and had been feeding timothy so when the alfalfa arrived yesterday you could almost see the horses drooling. They scarfed it right up and were waiting for more this morning.

I might have been drooling over the hay too because it is really pretty and it smells so good. In this heat/humidity the smell of the hay is over powering.

Kurt was thinking that our horse (super fatty) probably knows that the rest of the horses are getting alfalfa and is jealous so he gave him a handful in his breakfast this morning. Kurt’s a sucker πŸ™‚

I don’t think I will be riding these next few days. Looks like it will be unbearably hot. I am pretty tough but it’s just not fair to the horses to ride in that kind of weather. A few days off is good for them and we will pick back up when it cools down.


5 responses to “Yummy hay

  1. Hey, I love our hay guy too and we are loyal to each other. Last year we had a drought and he saved me hay and even let me store it at his barn. I don’t have room for much at my place. I try to buy at least 6 months in advance. The recent droughts just make me nervous.

  2. I was smelling some nice hay once and actually did drool. Thankfully no one was watching! (did I just admit that out loud?) I know when Kenny has fresh-baled alfalfa over at the canter farm I want to roll around in it, it smells SO delicious! Need a “freshly baled alfalfa” Yankee Candle!

  3. Shoes is so jealous. Here in Illinois first cutting is always late and coarse. Still waiting for second cutting! We usually get a nice third really late in the season. He wants Junior’s share of the alfalfa.

  4. I am one of Kim Melnick’s students i always read your blog and this made me smile πŸ™‚

  5. Patty (Secret Sammy's [aka Bushy] mom)

    I hear ya about being possessive about hay and how difficult it is to find the right source…. I even resorted to bribing an employee of the local feedstore a couple years ago to give me the name of the “hay guy” – because the hay was so so beautiful and the owner wouldn’t tell me the guy’s contact info., lol!
    Now he’s MY hay guy!!!!

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