Yay for chiropractors

I bet Rocky and Letterman are feeling better this morning but they will both need a few follow-up visits. I have always felt that chiropractic adjustments play an important role in the retraining process.

I always compare the horses as people going from the couch to 5k program. Everything hurts at first and if you aren’t able to find relief then you may just give up or at least be really cranky. I am never opposed to bit of bute to help them through the aches and pains at first but I am also careful not to push the work. If you are super aware and keep the sessions short and sweet then you shouldn’t run into super sore horses.

With Rocky and Letterman, I was feeling the reluctance to go forward which is very common with the early training. Letterman was sore in his sacro and his ribs. We couldn’t get to his neck because by the time she worked on that he was PISSED. He wasn’t bad but his reaction was to say don’t touch me so she couldn’t get to the rest of him. He is a very interesting horse because there is not a mean bone in his body but when he is done then he really is DONE. He thought we were trying to kill him.

Rocky on the other hand is going OMG why are you doing all these weird things to me and his eyes are rolling around but he is just standing there allowing her to work. He wasn’t quite as sore as Letterman but had more of an overall body soreness which is exactly what I had been feeling.

The horses really do find relief after the session is over. Letterman was licking his lips and then was wanting to bite/play with the lead rope which he never does. He became super relaxed and then wanted to cuddle right up with the chiropractor 🙂 He just takes a bit to gain trust so I am sure he will be much better next time.

I found out my guy has lyme which is somewhat not surprising and makes me a bit frustrated I didn’t go there first. Hindsight is always 20/20 but he had just been having random lameness that isn’t severe but shifting from front to back. He has an old knee so it’s easy to explain away the lameness due to his old injuries but I have damn near x-rayed all his parts at this stage and nothing is all that bad. He isn’t lame enough to even point to one particular thing but as a rider it’s the type of thing that drives you crazy because they are just not quite right and you know it. He has also been tripping which is not like him at all.

Oh well at least it’s treatable and I have plenty of other horses to ride.


2 responses to “Yay for chiropractors

  1. Patty (Secret Sammy's [aka Bushy] mom)

    Letterman sounds so much like Key Spirit – a very interesting, complicated-in-a-good-way, puts his foot down at times, then loving when he knew he could trust.

    Ug….Lyme’s seems like everyone has it. Spirit had it twice….the first time it manifested as being dead lame on the front left and did not want to lift up rear feet . sore stifle joint.
    Doxy should clear it up. How old is your horse?
    I think many horses are positive but don’t show clinical signs until they’re older.

    • jessicamorthole

      Patty, We have also had so many with it so I shouldn’t be surprised. My guy is a 11 yr connemara/tb who I have owned since a 3yr. He has had some shifting lameness and then started tripping. I am hoping he feels better soon!

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