Hot weather whine

I think that I last rode on Monday night and since then the horses have just been hanging out. I just don’t ride when the heat index feels over 100+ degrees. I figure the CANTER horses don’t have anywhere that they have to be and no shows in the near future so why stress them.

I find that the thoroughbreds struggle a bit more with this warm weather and bugs then they do the cold weather. I have super gorgeous fields of grass and they WONT even go outside. I guess I could lock them out of their stalls (my stalls are attached to paddocks) but they are being self-destructive due to heat/bugs so why bother. If they want to stand in their stalls all night then I don’t care. It’s a bit more cleaning to do but worth it for happy horses.

Just this week the b-52 bomber bugs have come out. The horses are not thrilled with that at all. I see them go halfway out to the field and then get a bug and come running back to their stall. Ha, tb’s and bugs don’t mix real well. I do keep fly sheets on all of mine but those huge black flies are monsters! I have gotten bitten by them and it’s no joke.

Anyway..we had a little bit of rain here and the temps dropped enough to motivate me. I wanted to do some light lunging and just get them stretched out again. I started with Letterman and he was excellent. I used the vienna reins and he was really stretching across his back. I began to teach him to lunge to the right tonight which was good exercise for me as I had to really work hard to keep him staying on the circle. He is an absolute lovely horse. I am excited to be back on him this week and feel the difference after the chiro.

Next up was Rocky. Rocky was pretty sweaty before we even got out there and the bugs were after him but he was a good boy. I haven’t worked him on the lunge at all so I spent a bit teaching him to go forward. I had to keep him on a smaller circle to get him motivated. He is another one of those super laid back horses who is happy to do whatever asked of him. You have to be careful not to talk to him because then he just stops 🙂 I would say good boy and he would slam to a stop.

I put the vienna reins on him which is the next step of his training. At first he couldn’t figure it out and I just encourage him forward and then you could almost see him having a moment where he realized how good it felt. He was really stretching and his stride got longer and he was working from behind. Yay! I was careful only to do a few minutes as it will be all new muscles but I was super proud of him. I swear he walked back in with a swagger. He is a seriously cool horse. I bet he is going to be an amateur’s dream horse. Just super brain and very smart. I really love him. Not to say that Letterman isn’t as nice because he is probably the better mover/more athletic one of the bunch but I’m not sure if he will be as easy. He hasn’t proven he won’t be easy but he’s just more opinionated than Rocky.

I gave them both good soapy baths and treated all their little nicks they are getting from rubbing and scratching.

The both look really good and I can’t wait to get on tomorrow. Looks like a better weather day.


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