Rocky is SOLD and a day of former CANTER alumni

The horse world is such a small world which is sometimes good and sometimes bad 🙂 I met Judy a few years ago when I was riding CANTER’S Calabria Rose in a clinic. Judy wanted to come and see Bushy but he had sold and I said that she should see Rocky but he wasn’t yet advertised because I wanted him to look a bit better. She assured me that she could look past a bleached coat, some weight and lack of muscle. She fell in love with him but had a horse to sell. Earlier this week she called and said regardless of her horse she had to buy Rocky before somebody else did 🙂

We met up today at Oldehope where her friend was going to be xc schooling her lovely horse, Smarty’s Gold, who was listed on the CANTER Delaware Park Track listings.

I said that I would do a little baby first xc schooling with Rocky before he left for his new home. He was AMAZING!!!! He led the way around the facility while we warmed up and didn’t care whether he was way off by himself or if his buddy left. He started out a bit cautious over the jumps (well he’s only jumped twice before) but quickly caught on. He was super proud of himself. Boy am I sad to see him go but he will have an awesome home with Judy!

My mom’s group arrived and went out and about. Mom on her gorgeous CANTER MA horse Flint Hill.

There was also former CANTER Delaware Park listed horse, Meadow Mobster. He was in training with me for a while and is now with his new owner Miranda who is madly in love 🙂

I warned her that he has a big jump. I think he jumped her up into the tree’s 🙂

Rocky left for his new home and we headed over the the lay up farm to see some of the new arrivals as well as pick up the next retraining project.

It was slightly hot were not amused.

This is Big Talk- 4yr 15.2 h mare.

Escape by Sea

New gelding

Gavilian who is absolutely adorable but smaller than I expected. Growing..I hope he does it!

Very hard to take pictures when they keep doing this!

London Lullaby was my fav!

I don’t know this guy’s name

We brought Rusty home and he settled right in. It’s nap time for me and then a bath and mane pulling a bit later for Rusty.




3 responses to “Rocky is SOLD and a day of former CANTER alumni

  1. What a great story. Rocky gets a great home and it is nice to see pics of the “old” Canter horses.

  2. That skinny-necked chesnut is going to make someone a nice dressage horse (or eventer who does well in dressage). And no one will believe the before pictures.

    Thanks for posting more pics! I love watching the progress, and congrats to Rocky!

  3. Lauren Gassaway

    I remember Escape by Sea, she was such a sweet filly. The rest look good too!

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