I like puzzles

Letterman has been a bit of a puzzle to figure out but that is always right up my alley. I wouldn’t say anything is wrong just that based on the way he is built it should be better if that makes sense?

I think there are many things that are making progress slow- his teeth were bad, he raced a long time, his body was sore and he didn’t have any trust. He isn’t sure he want he wants to do with his life. No biggie that will all fall into place.

Just these past two weeks he has really started to get with the program. He love to trail ride out and is very brave. We started him over fences and he thought it was cool. Today he got to play in the jump chute and darn if he didn’t jump as good as I thought he would with his knees nice and square.

I think the progress is increasing because we have taken our time and very much let it be about him and when he was ready. He is pretty clear with his progression and lets you know when he is ready to move on to something more interesting than what you have been doing 🙂 He is slow to trust but seems to really like Amy and I. She has ridden him a few times in between my rides and keeps reminding me that he is way better so to stop worrying. I need that reminder!

It’s so fun to watch horses in the jump chute. Kurt wasn’t around so no video but we will play again soon. He first started and his eyes were popping with just two poles on the ground. I walked him down over the poles and he was like..oh duh this is simple. From there we did a simple little x-rail with a placing pole and then finished with a vertical with a placing pole. He ended up with a cute little canter and big jump and we told him that he was brillant and stuffed him full of treats. I’m telling you this horse is going to be a super star! He has a swagger about him that just oozes athlete.

Here he is the other day with Amy up. Look at his muscling coming in!

He likes to “fake” a frame and is very tight in his neck and back but it’s coming. I’m not worrying about his head right now just forward and happy is the goal. It will all come in good time.


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