Walking proud

Over the weekend, Amy and I both rode Letterman and we both couldn’t get over the improvement that we are feeling. He is stretching over his back and his really excited about his work. We had introduced him to a little free jump last week just a x-rail and a vertical so I thought today would be a good follow-up session since he worked hard on the flat over the weekend.

The last session he just trotted the fences and was a bit guarded but today he came out and jumped two fences from the trot and then went OMG so fun and was flying around. I had to throw down the pole to make him pay attention. It’s nice to see them confident. He found the 3’6″ oxer very easy no matter what distance he met it at. He walked out of the jumping session bouncing like a boxer. He was just so proud of himself and I swear he had a swagger going on and went back into the field thinking he was a total bad ass.


You can see by his carriage that he prefers to go in a very uphill frame but once he does learn to stretch over his back he will use himself even more. It’s a gradual process but I am thrilled with his progress. He is very much ready for a new home with a rider who has patience and realizes that it will pay off.

I also rode Rustyshouldrun for the first time tonight. Rusty is one cool dude and I have heard his trainers bragging about him so it was cool to finally get on him. He is a 7yr and 16.1 h. He has the best personality and such kind eyes. He has been at the farm for a while now and it’s been over a year since his last race. He was pretty ouchy on his feet when he arrived and he got shoes on last wednesday. He is still a bit foot sore but that will improve. He was just excellent for his first ride and has such a good feel in the bridle. Very soft in his body and well balanced. He is going to be a lovely mover.


He is another one of those nice all around anybody can ride types. You can just tell right away and I look forward to getting him going.


4 responses to “Walking proud

  1. I think some lucky person will have a lot of fun with Letterman.

  2. I still love Letterman. He wants me, I can tell. He just needs to learn how to poop money!

  3. Oh, I am compltetely in love with Letterman. If only I had the money and the time. Someone is going to be so lucky to get that guy!

  4. Gotta love that swagger! I waaaaaant. Alas, already gave my heart and disposable income away to another horse.

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