First jumping sessions galore

Weee I love teaching the horses how to jump. It’s kind of scary, funny and thrilling all in one. Scary because they are just so darn clueless and you hope it goes well. Funny because they feel like a drunk version of gumby weaving down to the jumps. Thrilling because is there anything better than sitting on a horse who you know just totally figured it out? They go from duh to got it all in one session. I also love those who are super brave and just happy to jump whatever you point them at.

I spent friday making an awesome jump course bringing out all the fillers and then got rained out. Seems like we get almost an inch of rain a day right now. Nothing like getting it all at once after super dry weather for so long. I like leaving the fillers but modifying them for the babies.

Pilot is a super cool horse and pretty game about it all. He has such a good feel to his canter but for now we shall just trot the jumps because he needs to learn his footwork first. He started out very confused by it all. I just asked him to walk over the little x-rail and he sort of walked over and then went OMG now what and came backwards taking some poles with him. No worries as this is totally normal. We broke the jump down even more to a pile of poles and gradually raised it up and then he had it figured out!

He wasn’t quite sure about this tarp so he wanted to sniff it  and then he stepped right over. Good boy!

He was pretty bored with the the height by the end but that is okay.

Little video

If you watch closely you can see him land over the last little yellow gate and swap his lead. He is very naturally balanced and smart about his leads. I adore this horse and need to ramp up his marketing as nobody has even came to see him yet. You can’t help but to fall in love with him. I find myself just beaming after I get off.

I got up bright and early this morning to get the horses ridden before the next round of storms came in. Rusty was slotted for his first jumping session and in typical Rusty format he was overly chill about it all. Didn’t even hesitate at any of the jumps but didn’t find it necessary to really pick his feet up either. No interest in cantering away from the jumps and at this stage I didn’t push for it.

Flowers = boring

Didn’t even glance at the horse eating tarp

The crazy cat ran right by him and he didn’t even flick an ear. He is the perfect horse for the rider who just wants to have fun and not worry about their horse being silly. You just get on him and go..well hope that he wants to go because he is slow 🙂


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