Having passion for what you do

I have to say that it’s been a great few months for me in terms of selling horses. We have been finding horses new homes fairly quickly and I have made some great new contacts.

Last night, I showed horses to a buyer who was supposed to arrive around 5ish but got held up in a work meeting. She called and asked was it still okay to come much later and I was totally game. We ended up riding the horses under the lights and having a bunch of fun. I got a lovely email from her today that said

I didn’t realize I kept you out there so late….sorry for that, and thanks for your hospitality. Your husband, kitties, horses, and yourself are the tops. CANTER is fortunate.

That really makes me feel great and I felt the same about her. I always do my best to be honest about the horses and make the shopping process easy. I really enjoy meeting new people and trying to make the right matches between horses and riders. I LOVE what I do and I really love my horses. I want nothing more to have everyone be happy and I have no qualms in saying it’s not a good match or steering a person another direction if needed. We are never in a hurry to sell a horse just to get it sold. I think that gives me great freedom to really figure out just what a horse wants to do in it’s life and find the right home for the horse the first time around.

Allie and I have been doing some brainstorming recently and we want to do a blog on buyers shopping experiences with CANTER and highlight some of our success stories. I don’t think that Allie or I are the types of people who toot our own horn very often so we shall let other people do it for us 🙂

Many people don’t even realize that CANTER Mid Atlantic owns horses and when they hear that, sometimes they think we are a rescue. I don’t think of us as a rescue at all because the horses that are donated to us are well cared for and I would say 80% are sound with no issues at all.  We want to get the word out that we are a great source for those shopping for well started Tb’s from sellers who are easy to work with.

If you would like to share your any of your experiences working with CANTER please feel free to email me. I have asked everyone who as bought a horse from me to share their experiences. I already got one that totally made me cry. I will post the stories here on my blog but we are going to do a new blog specifically for sales horses and testimonials.


2 responses to “Having passion for what you do

  1. I love reading your Blog. I am looking for a horse for my friend/barn owner. They are looking for a large, sound ,on the younger side foxhunter. They have a fabulous farm in Maryland and hunt twice a week. Husband and wife, both will ride, but mainly wife. She is an excellent rider and not timid. Her 20 yr. old draft cross needs to stop hunting.This horse does not have to be made (obviously) but should have been introduced to trails and cross country jumps. Thanks!

  2. I would be happy to share my expierence of working with you and buying a horse from CANTER Mid-Atlantic and to rave about how lucky I feel to have adopted Yellow Tavern. He is the “horse of a lifetime” and I am having so much fun! We will be competing at Five Points HT this weekend. You have been great…taking my calls and answering any questions, plus offering advice…..well after the actual sale.

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