We have been busy

Have you noticed horses are moving into new homes fairly quickly the past several months? It’s great news for the CANTER horses who have been hanging out just waiting to come into our retraining program. Rusty is doing great with his new owner! I heard that Bushy is taking his new owner for fun bareback trail rides 🙂 Rocky just went to Lum’s Pond to do a trail ride. I get lots of fun updates from everybody.

Auto Pilot is on trial at the same barn that Rusty went to so we shall see if he has a new home. So far so good. Man, that horse is amazing! Love jumping him and watching him turn into an amazing athlete after his rough past.

I brought home Rambling Romeo and Burg Hill with me on Sunday. I don’t have pictures yet…I know totally bad! Rambling Romeo is an absolutely adorable 7yr who ended up with us after a trip to the sale where he was thankfully spotted by his papers. He got some R&R and is now ready for a job.

Burg Hill aka Burgiss is so adorable you can’t help but to want to hug him. He was down in North Carolina with Suzanne and Allie. He got an awesome start where he was hacking out, started on the flat, jumping and schooling xc. He was sold and went all the way to Maine but developed a splint and was sent back. I can’t find a mark on him so he will be legged back up and somebody will be lucky to have him.

I’m eager to get on them new horses but Monday was farrier day, Tuesday we got rained out and today the horse dentist was out. Romeo’s teeth were in bad shape which doesn’t surprise me. Burgiss had been done down in NC and didn’t need anything.

I had a great ride on Letterman who has me a bit puzzled with some on and off hind end funk. We will get to the bottom of it but he decided to not be lame when I took him to see the really awesome vets at New Bolton who then looked at me like I was a crazy woman. Your horse isn’t lame. Bring him back when he is lamer 🙂 Letterman was quite amazing riding in the middle of a field at New Bolton. He is a total class animal and I love him so much. He is so athletic and awesome. He raced a long time and is very clean legged so I think it’s just something muscular. Right now I am riding him daily and he probably won’t ever be lame again just to make a fool out of me.

In other news, we have a new team member who will be helping with retraining. Margaret Thomas http://www.thomaseventing.com/ picked up Big Talk who is a gorgeous 4 yr mare. She will be restarting her and I look forward to watching Big Talk start her new career. She will keep a blog on her as well so we can follow her progress.

I love going to the CANTER farm to see all the horses. It’s so fun to hang out with them and watch them change as they go from track life to hanging in a field. The 3yr’s are all getting so big!! Luke’s Notion looks even bigger. He is probably 17h now. I also noticed that Cyber Gray Vette who is the pretty grey 3yr gelding has grown quite a bit. I took the camera but we were so busy we didn’t even get pictures.

I promise to get some pictures and video of the new horses very soon.


One response to “We have been busy

  1. Wow, the horses are all moving quickly — awesome! 🙂 Can’t wait to see your next round of goegeous TBs.

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