A post full of happy stories

It’s now official that Auto Pilot has a new home. This was where he had ended up in May of 2011- http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs022/1101655399670/archive/1105682898718.html

and now with his new owner who was explaining to me just how wild he was being in his new home 🙂

I applaud his breeder and those who contributed to get him out of the sale and ensure he had a future. He is a lucky horse that they happened to be there that day. I hear that his foals are really quite nice and have his temperament. Many of his babies are finding great homes with new owners.

Rusty and Auto Pilot are at the same barn which is right around the corner from my farm. I will be able to stop and see them which makes me happy!

I’m also a facebook stalker..of horses that is 🙂 I can’t help but to smile when I see our horses out and about with their new owners.

Cool Casey was at my farm during the winter but we decided the nice sand down in NC would be much kinder to his tender feet. He found an awesome new home and is clearly demonstrating that ottb’s can handled/ridden by teens.

Margaret posted her first blog to chronicle the progress of her first CANTER MA project. Check out this lovely mare! http://www.kcgsporthorses.com/canter-blog.html

It’s hard for me to bring mares to my farm because I have just 11 acres and all geldings. I normally bring two at a time if I do bring mares home just to keep the mares separate from the boys. It’s not the mares who have the issue, rather the boys who can’t seem to act normal when the girls arrive on the farm.

I can’t wait to see how Big Talk progresses. http://www.pedigreequery.com/big+talk2 is her breeding. She is out of the same dam as King Remda who is another horse donated to CANTER by the same breeder/owner/trainer connections. This is King Remda when he was at the CANTER farm. They have a very similar look.

He found an awesome home down in NC and we get great reports about him. I have to say the most rewarding part of being involved with CANTER MA is getting all the awesome updates from the new owners. I need to get working on adding some of success stories and also buyer’s experiences shopping with CANTER.

I think it may stop raining so that I can ride tonight…please stop raining!


5 responses to “A post full of happy stories

  1. I am so glad my daughter and Auto Pilot found each uother. She needed him and he needed her. They will do
    well together. Thank you for all that you do to save these beautiful creatures God has given us. I can’t wait to travel to Dover to meet the new baby we have. Yea Auto Pilot and Amy. Mom loves you both.

    • Sandra, how nice to hear from Amy’s mom! I love all my blog readers and I have to say I think that you are 100% right on about them both needing each other. I always say that I’m sad to see my horses go but in some ways I know it’s for the best because they all deserve the one on one attention of having one owner who will love them. He is the kindest horse and just such a pleasure to work with. He has been through a lot in the past year but he doesn’t seem to hold it against anyone. I’m looking forward to watching their progress.

  2. Auto Pilot did well today. There is a dog agility/show at the barn this weekend and he was quite the curious George. All the commotion didn’t appear to bother him a bit. Everyone loves him. He is such a handsome boy. And quite the ladies man….

  3. Yay 🙂 So glad he found a home! Our Auto Pilot baby is doing great too 🙂

  4. Hey Steph do you have any pictures of Auto Pilots baby? I would lve to see them. Thans…

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