Another great home found- Jester

I had said in a previous blog post that I consider all the Delaware Park horses “my horses” as that is the program that I help to run for CANTER and I have a direct hand in networking with trainers, picking up the horses and settling them in at the layup farm.

I just got word that Joyous Jester found a home with Team Flying Solo. If you haven’t been reading her blog you totally should especially since there are now pictures of Jester on there 🙂 Jester was a horse that was in two different barns during the time that I saw him at the track. I remember him at the first barn because when she brought him out he was just so big and pretty. I saw him again in a barn that donates a bunch of horses to us. They told me they felt he would be the next on the list to come to CANTER as he was losing interest in running. I would always stop in to check on him while making the rounds. He was always just so chill hanging in his stall and they couldn’t say enough kind words about his professional attitude. He arrived in December of 2010 and then went down to NC a few months later and has just gotten to hang out and relax until Suzanne got him restarted.

His new owner will be eventing him and I think he will totally rock! Allie had posted a video of him on CANTER’S facebook page and you can see just how brave he was for his first cross country school. He has all the makings of a big time horse so it will be fun to watch him progress. I love all the CANTER buyers who have blogs. It’s makes stalking “my” horses much easier 🙂



3 responses to “Another great home found- Jester

  1. Well, Joyous Jester (or I guess I should say “Encore”) definitely won the pony jackpot! Brena will spoil that little bugger to his heart’s content.

  2. He couldn’t find a better home. That is awesome.

  3. Yayyyyyyy! Ok, I admit, I will spoil him. I am so excited about him — he was a brave, fantastic boy on our first trail ride today, although the Attack Zombie Cows were a bit much. He has settled in to the farm like he has lived there forever and is busy making instant friends with everyone and slurping up his beet pulp. Today, he decided his new bestie was a fellow who works on the farm who brought him apples fresh from his momma’s tree in VA!

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