Finally got around the first rides

I’m always like a kid on Christmas just so eager to get on my new horses. The rain finally stopped and I wasn’t letting the 100% humidity or killer mosquitos stop me.

Burgiss was first and we walked in hand around the ring and he didn’t look at a thing. He was ready to get on with it so we did a little bit of w/t/c just to get to know each other. He is still a bit worried that he might be thrown on the trailer again so he needs to settle in. Otherwise, he is lovely and my absolute favorite type. I prefer the 15.3 h sportscar models! They are easy for me to ride and just sporty as can be. Isn’t he adorable?

I think he was quite happy to be back into work. I’m sitting here at 8:15am writing this working my way out to the barn to do ride number 2.

Next up was Ramblin Romeo. I absolutely couldn’t wait to sit on him because he just struck me as the type that was going to be super professional and easy. When I had some buyers over here recently I had told them this was going to be the next horse they would love. I don’t know how I knew that but sometimes I just think you can look at a horse and know how they are going to be to ride/work with. He was the one that Bev from MAHR had found outside of the New Holland Sale. Let’s just say we are thankful we could help him out and I think he feels the same about us.

He was impatient for me to just get on. It was like he was saying why in the world are you walking me around this ring waiting for me to spook at something..I don’t spook so just get on already. So I did 🙂 He was great and was very soft in the bridle and seemed to have a lot of good training on him.

These are both super nice horses and it’s going to be fun working with them.


5 responses to “Finally got around the first rides

  1. Wow. Burgiss is the quite the handsome devil. From the pics, he looks quite well put together and seems like a lovely mover. He’s going to find a home very quickly!

    And I’m so happy you guys were able to pull Ramblin Romeo out of New Holland. I’m always amazed how such wonderful horses end up in such horrific situations. It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. WOO HOO Jessica!! Just wanted to congratulate you formally on getting so many horses rehomed of late and the wonderful job that you are doing with each individual horse. We blogger fans are not the only ones who have noticed your dedication 🙂
    Congratulations on being an official “Career counselor for Ex-Racehorses!” Everyone needs to pick up a copy of the October issue of Practical Horseman magazine as Jessica is the subject of the monthly “My Life” feature article.
    There is an entire page dedicated to Jessica’s career and story as well as a great photo of Jessica aboard OTTB Sonrea. Great stuff ! Congrats again!

  3. The article is wonderful. You will be very pleased .I was so excited to see your hard work and dedication recognized ! It is well deserved .
    Hopefully you will have more requests now than you will be able to fill 🙂

  4. I am here due to the article, and yes, it’s great! 🙂 I had visited here in the past but needed a reminder about your wonderful program. THANK YOU, Jessica, for all that you do for my favorite breed… I grew up riding TB hunters and that’s all i want for myself one day (must wait until kids are out of college). Incidentally, I am so pleased
    that it seems like OTTBs are getting more and more positive attention in the media lately, both “horsey” and mainstream. I think the public is finally becoming aware that these horses are A, wonderful mounts who can be used for many purposes, and B, that they REALLY need homes post-race career. Until a few years ago and my increase in Internet reading I thought EVERYBODY already felt that way – it was a shock to learn that even many horse people had no time for my beloved and familiar OTTBs! Thank you again for your hard work. Just wish I lived a lot closer. 🙂

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