Isn’t he sporty

Burgiss and I had a little refresher and got on the same page so that he could figure me out and vice versa. He already has a bunch of training, has hacked out everywhere, been xc schooling and is well traveled. He just happens to be a bit out of shape so needs some muscling and a slow introduction back up into the work.

I switched him to the herm sprenger mullen mouth bit and he really enjoyed it. You can see how hard he was concentrating on trying to soften his body.

Here is some burgiss video

Speaking of sporty, Letterman has been going super since our trip to the vet’s. Go figure! I have had one good ride after another so maybe it was simply a pulled muscle or just the fact that he is 9yrs old and raced a long time so it’s taking longer to get him physically capable of doing the work. I will get video of him soon!

We are losing daylight so we can only get pics/video of one horse a day after work. Weekends are busy trying to get all the horses ridden. I had video of Romeo but managed to delete it accidentally just now.

I have talked a bit about the big 17 h 3yr that I’m bringing along for Tebogo Sport Horses- . I got him in the middle of May and have worked super hard to install a forward button and some power steering. Everyone just assumes race horses know how to go forward but that is often not the case. I have been riding this guy with a whip in each hand both to inspire him to move forward and also to control his shoulders for steering. He couldn’t canter more than two steps at first and steering + cantering was quite the challenge.


He jumps as nice as he moves and is making a lot of progress. I find that it’s a challenge to bring a 3yr along without wanting to do too much with them. I haven’t picked up the contact with him until my last ride. I didn’t want him to worry about anything besides going forward. He also needs to build up his hind end but it’s come a long way from where he started. He’s a big horse for me to ride but I absolutely LOVE him. He is so smart and just super easy-going.

I’ve been super motivated with this lovely September weather. Just can’t wait for the mosquitos to die! I shall post something tomorrow about the two gorgeous mares that were just donated to us.




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