All about second chances

Ramblin Romeo is the adorable guy who was found at New Holland by another rescue who called us and asked if we could get him out of there. He is 16h and fairly solidly built with nice size bone. He ran 40+ races making around $80k.

He is well bred and is the second horse that I have had here sired by Langfuhr. AllaboutMack was the first and Romeo is super similiar to him in personality/attitude/way of going.

Romeo interests me because he feels like he has already had a bunch of retraining. He goes around in a perfect little frame all by himself like he has been doing it forever. He is super duper steady in the bridle which is unusual for a horse that is not at all fit and has just come out of a field. He lacks strength in the canter but he is balanced and has both leads. He bends nicely and does lateral work like he has prior training. It makes me wonder if somebody really put all this into him at the track or is he just this smart?

I have to say he is just a fun ride because he does learn so fast and tries so hard. Look at how adorable he is!

I’m home from work today nursing an upset stomach. Think I will go out and clean my tack so that I don’t waste my day. Hoping to feel better so I can get Romeo or Burgiss out for a little trail ride today. Letterman is heading to a paperchase this weekend. I’m excited!

One more..


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