Lost and in Love

That about summed up our ride from last night. My boarder had been begging to get out on the trails so we all loaded up for a “short” ride. I took Letterman as I wanted keep building that fitness base on him and get him ready for our paper chase. Kurt was riding Junior and Amy was on her horse, Bear.

We were having an absolute blast riding along laughing at Junior spooking at things. Kurt has improved so much as a rider and just takes all the spooks in stride. Kurt and I had a nice canter which then turned into a race 🙂 Yes, I’m still a 10yr at heart and love it! Ha, so much fun! Letterman is so chill that he has forgotten his racehorse days and Junior had us beat. He can go quite fast for 3/4 TB. That 1/4 connemara just gives him some toughness but I swear he is more like a TB than all my Tb’s.

I love how Letterman can go from galloping on minute to just walking on a loose rein the next. He has become even more confident on the trails in just a short period of time. At first he was a tiny bit looky but now he just plugs along without a care in the world.

At some point, we took a turn that we thought would take us in a loop back to the trailer. We rode and rode and rode some more until we started to panic. I had my phone but it was just trying to take us to the road and we weren’t near the road. We found a road and we hacked down there for a bit before we took a trail which led back the way we wanted to go. However, there was no way to get into the woods from the field we were in. We were hacking through soybeans belly high, corn, bushes and all sorts of other trappy footing.

As you know, husbands and wives being lost together results in a lot of arguing. Poor Amy! I was so embarrassed to have gotten lost with somebody along with us. It’s one thing if it was just Kurt and I but I am sure she was not too happy. Her horse isn’t as fit either so he was tired and we knew we had a long way to get back.

I decided we were walking the edge of one of the many tax ditches because I know they often run parallel to the trail system. Kurt was arguing that it wasn’t the right way but I didn’t think we had a better plan so I put my foot down and told him to be quiet or else. I picked the direction that I thought we needed to go in and found a tax ditch that went that way. Our horses were super tired but let me just tell you how in love I am with Letterman. We had been out about 2hrs at that point and while he was tired and cranky he was soldering on. He led/followed and did anything I asked of him. I rode him along on the buckle letting him pick his path through the grown up footing/weeds/briars.

We all had a big shout of relief when we finally saw the path. The bad news was that it was almost dark and we were still about 30 min out. The horses were tired but we didn’t all want to be on the road on dark colored horses in the dark.

We trotted as much as we could while giving them breaks but they were hot and tired. The mosquito’s were horrible and we gotten eaten alive but the horses were excellent about it. Amy’s horse wasn’t fit enough to do any cantering so we were careful to ease them back in. I think Junior and Letterman knew where we were (finally!) and were eager to get home. We jumped the last few logs and got to the road right before dark. We hurried them onto the trailer with the fans on to cool them down. You can not stand around outside right now due to the mosquito’s so I just grabbed the saddle off and loaded them up in with bridles on and then stuck halters on once they got in the trailer where there were no mosquito’s.

I know they were all happy when we pulled up to the barn. They got warm water baths and lots of treats. They all looked tired but no worse for the wear this morning. Kurt had did the warrior run (5k run) on the base in the morning and then did the warrior ride at night so he was pretty crippled this morning 🙂 I actually feel good so I must be in good riding shape.

You all know that I love my ottb’s but the reality is some are better than others and finding one that is really just that good out on the trails makes you appreciate them so much more. I am a rider that enjoys riding out of the ring more than in the ring so it’s important for me to have a horse that can do both. I grew up riding a horse who was absolutely horrible to ride out. You prayed each and every ride that you would make it back without dirt on your breeches 🙂

Letterman is a horse that makes me look forward to every trail ride. He’s brave, athletic, comfortable, soft in the bridle, goes in the front, goes in the back, handles scary things while maintaining his sanity and will go on a loose rein or in contact which is nice when you are trying to navigate using a cell phone to find your way home.

I’m so excited about our paperchase this weekend. It will be fun! Can’t wait to get home and see my new boyfriend aka Letterman 🙂


3 responses to “Lost and in Love

  1. Jess, you never fail to keep me entertained with your stories. And Romeo is adorable, what a great face.

  2. Saw you in this month’s Practical Horseman – awesome article!

  3. Patty (Secret Sammy's [aka Bushy] mom)

    That Letterman sure sounds like a foxhunter!

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