He’s just that quiet

Yesterday, my friend Alison came to ride with me but I didn’t end up riding. Romeo threw a shoe, Letterman was getting a day off from the warrior trail ride, my horse is broken and big boy was getting his day off. That left the cute little Burgiss and I wanted to see him go so Alison got to ride and I watched. Wow, it’s nice watching.

Alison had a great ride and stopped several times to remark just how fun, easy and quiet he was and wouldn’t he be the perfect pony club horse or ammy horse. She said that perhaps it doesn’t mean as much when I say a horse is “quiet” because I ride ottb’s for a living but it’s interesting to sit on them and observe just how quiet they really can be.

I have had several people comment that you almost have to ride the horses to see for yourself. Karen Randall who owns Houndy and Diamond H (both bought from me) said that everyone comments on her two horses and how quiet they are for Tb’s. She even said that she never thought she could find two horses as quiet and nice as her two are. I would like to think that they are the typical model of ottb’s because seriously most of my horses/CANTER’S horses are just that quiet.

Brena, from http://www.teamflyingsolo.com/, talks about her new CANTER MA horse being so awesome that it scares her. I can relate to that because no matter how many horses I have come through my barn from the track each year, it simply never ceases to amaze me just how awesome they can be. You just want to hug them because they are that smart, athletic, willing and sensible that you feel lucky to be able to ride them.

I think that is how Alison felt after her first ride on Burgiss. She couldn’t get over how fun he was and commented that if she did this she would buy them all!  I hope I can convince her to come help me with the riding more often 🙂

I still need to work on that new blog highlighting our success stories and our people’s shopping experiences with CANTER. Looks like a rainy weekend so I may just have some time to get it started. Hoping the paper chase isn’t rained out. Looks like Junior may be injured so hopefully I can convince Kurt to ride Letterman and I will take Burgiss.



2 responses to “He’s just that quiet

  1. I just read your article in the latest issue of Practical Horseman, and I must say you are an absolute inspiration. To see there is someone out there not only training multiple horses with a full-time job and still being able to work with and show a horse of her own, but also doing a darn good job of it and doing it for a great cause is absolutely wonderful. I’m in college right now going for a degree in biology, and I have always had that worry that I might not be able to balance horses and a full-time job and would have to choose one or the other after college or at least severely reduce the time spent with one or the other, so to see you doing this gives me so hope that I can do all the things I love whether it be in the arena or in the lab. Thanks for doing what you do, and keep it up!

  2. I’ll come ride that cute little 4 y.o. any day of the week. He’d be cute, cute, cute in the Hunt field:)

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