Hitting the trails

This is my absolute favorite time of the year because it finally cools down, the bugs die off and we hit the trails daily. I’m a huge believer in riding my horses out of the ring as much as possible. I think it does wonders for their muscling and their mental state. It’s a super way to add mileage under them while having fun. Not to mention you can learn way more about how a horse handles itself out on trails than you will in the ring.

Burgiss is one of those horses that makes you keep thinking he’s only 4yrs old??? Wow, what a brain. He marches right down the trails with a serious focus and ears pricked. He just loves being out and about and is so much fun. Yesterday, Kurt and Amy had a little gallop and Burgiss happily just hand galloped behind them and then walked home on a loose rein! We do a lot of nice trots and canters and the occasional gallop but very aware when the horses get tired. You have to slowly build the muscles and Burgiss is just building his muscles back up so it’s slow and steady.

Here he is after our ride yesterday. So adorable!!!!

Our horses get a lot of mileage just hoping on the trailer with tack on and getting off for a trail ride and then back on the trailer home. They learn that off the farm trips are fun.

Burgiss is a seriously nice horse. He just aims to please and is a great little jumper who is jumps anything. I love his attitude.

Letterman also continues to be amazing. It’s hard to describe the difference in this horse in just a few short months. I can tell you he is so spoiled that the minute he comes out of his stall he is pulling you toward the “treat” area. He will pick up a whole bag of carrots if you turn your back on him. He’s just developed such a huge personality.

He is such a nice ride out on the trails. He went out several times in the past few days but I also rode him in the ring for the first time in a month or so? Yes, he really has been just riding out of the ring that much!

I can see a huge difference in his muscle mass and overall strength. We lack polish and he needs a figure eight noseband but those are little things that are easy to fix.

Here is a video with some jumping. He’s barely jumped at all so he was a bit wiggly but super good. My back is really messed up so I can barely hold my position at all. Need to make an appointment for my chiro!!


4 responses to “Hitting the trails

  1. I’ve been following your blog for ages now and I am a huge fan of CANTER. You must be so proud of Letterman- I didn’t recognize at first! You have done an amazing job with him!! Someone is going to be so lucky to adopt him.

    Thank you for all the updates.
    Enjoy your wonderful weather.

  2. Good stuff and congratulations on your Practical Horseman article. Hope to meet you in person at Fair Hill. I’ll be there to watch the CIC** stadium jumping

  3. oh my gosh. want so bad. I can’t get another horse (had to put mine down about two years ago 😦 he lived a long happy life though!) until I finish law school (2.5 years left!! ugh!!) but man, if I was shopping right now, he’d be mine in an instant. beautiful!!

  4. I have liked Letterman since the first time I saw his picture — he is really blossoming!!

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