Burgiss the adorable

It’s hard to express just how nice this horse is without sounding like you are making things up. He’s only 4yrs old but has one of the best brains you will find. When you trail ride him he just goes along like he has been doing it forever. Leads without even a glance at all the scary stuff on the trail but also happily follows.

He is green to jumping but super willing and eager to please. I have really done a number on my back so this is a little video of Amy riding him. She had never ridden him so it was sort of a figure it out on the fly job but you can see he just goes along.

Today we made the 1/2 trip to another local trail system, Blackbird State Forest. He stood super quietly while I tacked him up and then went off in a nice walk leading the group. We jumped some logs and crossed water and some super narrow bridges. I was expecting him to give the bridges a look because they are scary but he walked right across. Good boy!

Burgiss and Junior

We jumped some logs and took some poor quality video. He has no issues turning away from the group which I LOVE! If he looks ouchy it’s because of the rocks. He is not a fan of the rocks that all of our local trails have on them.

Burgiss is that horse that anybody who wants to be competitive in the show ring but also enjoy the trails or hunt need to have. He’s just so easy and fun!

Letterman continues to be super impressive. Jumped around a full course including the rolltop and brush which he had never seen. He goes out hunting for the first time tomorrow at Fairhill. Can’t wait! I bought a cool pommel bag to carry my camera to capture the action.


2 responses to “Burgiss the adorable

  1. Splishsplashriding

    He is SO cute! And looks totally unconcerned about EVERYTHING 🙂

  2. He’s ADORABLE! And just my type! I love those little 15.3 and under horses! You’re totally right that they’re just like sport cars 🙂

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