He’s a jumping bean

I was debating who to ride yesterday and decided that I had to get some pictures of Burg Hill aka Burgiss to show that neat jump that I have been talking about.

He’s a seriously cool horse who has the best brain you could ask for in a 4yr and he has amazing potential. I’ve not had him long at my farm and he’s still in the process of getting fit. Each ride he gets better which is why I love what I do so much.

I have had other people jump him and I always tell them that it won’t be what they expect so absolutely make sure to keep your eyes up, heels down and leg on. He has that really nice jump where he pauses at the base and then jumps up really high. His back makes a perfect arch right under the saddle.

He is obviously still green and learning the mechanics of the jump but he has all the right parts.

I just love his cute face

I’m hoping to hook up with Sally Cousins this Saturday for a XC schooling at Carousel Park. I can only imagine how scopey he is going to be out XC and I’m excited. The bigger they jump the more I like them. I will see if I can take Letterman as well.




4 responses to “He’s a jumping bean

  1. Hopefully not THIS scopey! http://www.phoebebuckleyeventing.com/Phoebe_Buckley_Eventing/Diary/Entries/2010/8/25_Harold_Small_and_the_Water_Jump_of_Death!.html

    ps. Burgiss is exactly the kind of horse I’ll be looking for. I’m not ready for a horse right now (I’m buying a house in the spring), but I’ve been reading your blog for ages and love how you get these guys started after the track. Also, I’m small-ish…so I’ll be looking for a 15.2 sporty type (to do a little of everything on). I’m excited to see how Burgiss turns out. Ps. Congrats on Letterman — I saw that coming!!!!

    • jessicamorthole

      I have seen that clip before and it makes me laugh hysterically. I can’t imagine one doing that but she sat so perfectly. I hope NOT to do a superman jump into the water.

  2. What a cute jump on him! He really has it all together for such a young guy. Also congrats on Letterman, I’m so happy for both of you.

  3. I want this horse so bad I can’t stand it! Ugh! Need to win the lottery!!! 2.5 more years! First thing I’m doing when I graduate, getting a pony 😀

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