Who is this hunk?

I love me some before and after pictures. Here is Letterman on June 11, 2011

See that look in his eye??? That was totally the look of a horse that was just about to remind me how stupid it is to lunge a horse in a 30 acre field. Ha, I totally won that battle when I finally caught him and decided since we finally have a halter and rope on him (aka lunge line) it was time for him to get a real job. If you wanted to see a horse throwing a fit it was Letterman upon realizing he was stuck in the trailer. No wonder we got off on the wrong foot. Never thought I would own THAT horse.

Look at him now!

Wow, quite a difference in 4 months! I think we all sort of thought he would be bad to ride because of his indifference to people but that hasn’t been the case. He enjoys the program which I find with many of these older racehorses who have only known track life. They all tend to be a bit quirky but they know their jobs and typically all have good work ethic. He has great work ethic when it comes to things he finds enjoys..ringwork well that is coming along.

It’s still funny to me that out of all the horses I bought this one. I’m not even sure he likes me 🙂 To tell you the truth, all my personal horses have had this tough guy attitude and I swear it’s part of what makes them great horses. I don’t really require a super friendly horse. I think Letterman shows his love in weird ways like play biting on my shirt and picking up the whole carrot bag to make me laugh. It’s the little things 🙂

Burgiss is the exact opposite of Letterman. He’s like a big dog. Constantly following you sometimes so closely he just slips right out the gate because he doesn’t seem to get that he can’t follow. He’s just such a trier and seems to love to learn new things. Letterman..well he’s that old dog that ain’t about to learn a new trick 🙂 We were trying to take conformation pictures of Burgiss and it was darn near impossible because he kept wanting to follow me when I stepped out of the picture.

Burgiss has put on a lot of weight but his ribs still show which drives me crazy. I think his lower belly pulls on the weight down. He’s quite a chunky horse when you sit on him.

I love watching them change shape over time. It’s pretty cool to see the pasture pictures vs. the in work pictures.


4 responses to “Who is this hunk?

  1. Awww, yay for Letterman! I love progress pics too. Of course, he started out as a hunk! I am so thrilled for you two, I hoped all along that you would keep him!!

  2. Wow, Letterman looks awesome! He reminds me of my 18 yo Monarch. Personality sounds similar too!

  3. I love the look in Letterman’s eye in the first picture of “new Letterman”. Great clip job by the way.

  4. jessicamorthole

    Jill, that is his relaxed eye but it changes pretty quickly depending on his mood. He’s not got that sweet personality that Shoes does but then again most of them don’t.

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