Trip to CANTER farm and I didn’t fall down

Freezing cold with 30mph winds doesn’t make for the best day to go try to lunge horses in wide open fields but they don’t call us team bad decision for nothing 🙂 I so love my trips out to the farm to visit all of our horses.

The majority of horses that we get donated are absolutely lovely 100% sound horses that are just too slow or the occasional horse that has an injury that good old rest can heal (mostly bows). We can’t really take many horses that can’t be turned out in big fields and our budget is very limited so we try not to take horses that we can’t rehome. Most trainers know us very well and know that we do an amazing job with our horses so they are willing to donate rather than sell their nice horses. They all get quality time out to just have some R&R and then get several months of retraining which guarantee them a very good shot at finding forever homes where they will be valued in today’s market. They money from our sales goes right back into the program and we are able to rehome a high number of horses because we keep moving our horses into homes.

It’s really fun to see the horses that I knew at the track now at the farm. Sometimes it’s hard to even recognize them. Right now we have a ton of bays who all look-alike.

Let’s start with the boys.

Gavilan Peak is a 3yr and is a shrimp 🙂 He’s about 15 h or so but may grow a little bit. He’s super-duper cute and so sweet.

He was so good to lunge because he was our first we lunged him in the huge field. After we lunged him the rest of the horses gathered near the small paddock and we shooed them into there. So much easier than walking out into the 30+ acre field to individually lunge them.

Next up is Pegasus Fever aka the Big Beast. He is a tank! Not only is he big around 16.2-3 but he is enormously fat. Pegasus is the resident pest who follows you around getting into all your stuff. He picked up halters, the lunge line, the lunge whip and was getting in all the pictures we were trying to take. This horse has a larger than life personality. He has an old knee so is sound for trail riding and light work but not a competitive career. I need to get him a home because he really wants his own family.

Next up is Areutrue. He’s a lovely 7yr gelding and is sweet as they come.

Next is London Lullaby and he is my favorite of the bunch. He’s a 3yr and is just such a little pest. Same in your business type of personality as Pegasus. He couldn’t keep the lunge line out of his mouth. This guy is lovely and boy oh boy can he move.

He has this tiny hernia which is something that I haven’t seen on a horse before. The good news is that it is quite small and getting smaller as he gets older.

He had no clue how to lunge so it was quite the production. We got it sorted out using the corner of the fence as a guide.

Next up is Sweeter than Fudge who is an adorable 2yr who is quite big already with big bone and big feet. He is such a kind horse and I think he is going to be quite lovely. I imagine he will be huge when he gets done growing.

This last guy just arrived this week from the track. His name is Derick Hand and he is a big 4yr probably around 17h.

We then headed over to the mares field. We have four mares right now as our farm doesn’t have much room for mares so we keep our numbers low.

Wonderful Wise is one of the horses that we have had the longest amount of time simply because we have haven’t had a chance to get her into retraining and then a month or so again she slipped in the field and pulled some muscles in her hind leg and the swelling caused a huge hole in the leg that drained for weeks. Poor girl has had to have lots of antibiotics and flushing and she still likes people!

Next up is Escape by Sea who was a horse that I sold a few years ago and came back to us recently. She looks like she is in foal but that is just her plush natural shape 🙂

The next two are recent arrivals. First up is Her Way’s Okay she is a pretty girl!

Last but not least is Dazzle and Shine. We had another horse by Grindstone and he was one of my favorites. Dazzle reminds me so much of him! She needs to put on some weight and muscle but I think come spring she will be absolutely lovely. She is very athletic.

There are even some videos of this crazy production. Here are the geldings.

The order is Fudge, Gavilan, Pegasus, London and Areutrue

Mares are here

Order is- Her Way’s Okay, Dazzle and Shine and Escape by Sea

The only horse that I didn’t get pics of was a new horse named Bigbossman. He wasn’t feeling very social as he has just arrived. It’s normal for them to be anti-human for a bit.

I’m back home to ride my crew in this lovely wind.




8 responses to “Trip to CANTER farm and I didn’t fall down

  1. Awww, I vote for Fudgey! He is kind of like Encore’s nephew — they share a family tree!

    • Fudge is just adorable with big bone and a big body. I think he’s going to be a tank! He seems like he has such a great brain for a 2yr and they said he is just super quiet and easy to work with. Just no interest in running fast.

  2. aww her ways ok is to cute how big is she

  3. I vote for Areutrue (same sire as my horse, also a CANTER MA alum).

  4. Great equestrian blog – why not come over to and post this blog for more to follow at this Equine Social Blogging Network!

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