It’s all about the brain!

I had a good chuckle this morning as I triggered a funny memory from our last xc school. I had walked Burgiss down to the water which is a fairly long walk from the main xc field. I love how brave he is and he just walked along checking out the sights. We had walked around the approach to the water and that is where the injured rider was so I turned around and was headed back out the xc field.

I am walking up the hill on a loose rein when all of a sudden here comes four deer crashing through the woods. Burgiss just stops to watch and then a minute later here comes this teeny tiny jack russell running as fast as its little legs can take it after these deer. Burgiss and I were both sitting there thinking did that really just happen??? I love that he just watched and took it all in rather than going OMG crazy deer followed by an even crazier jack rusell 🙂

A few days later I am riding him in the ring just cantering around when boom the lights go out and we are now in the pitch dark. That didn’t phase him at all and he just went about his business like a pro. What a good boy!

I had missed a few days a riding this week due to the rain and he has people flying all they way from Utah tonight to see him. I was determined to ride him last night even if it was raining and cold. I know he would be just fine even if I didn’t ride but showing horses to people stresses me and I like to be prepared!

The temperature has dropped 30 degrees and they haven’t been turned out into their regular fields due to the wet conditions. It’s cold, dark and spitting rain with high gusty winds. My ring has a line of trees on one side because the tax ditch has grown up. The State used to cut the tax ditch but for whatever reason they decided not to cut our side of the ditch last year and the trees/bushes grew up down the whole length of our property. We need to cut all the trees down but finding time to get that project done is hard to do. The horses can be really really bad about the blowing trees/leaves/bushes on that side of the ring because they make a ton of noise when the wind blows.

I swear every time I go out to ride the wind kicks up and then when I get done the wind dies down. I think nature is testing out how well I can stick on horses sometimes 🙂 The lovely thing about Burgiss is that he just doesn’t get stupid about that side of the ring. An occasional spook here and there but riding in the dark with cold wind blowing is going to result in a few spooks because it is pretty damn scary out there. I had such a lovely ride on him last night where his back was loose making his flat work feel great. He jumped soft and relaxed cantering away on a loose rein. There were a few times the wind gusted up and blew the trees so hard that even I was spooked but he just had a little look and kept on going. He couldn’t have went any better so I hope that continues over to tonight’s ride for my horse shoppers.

I have had many Tb’s with these great brains so I do think that sometimes I take them for granted…that is until I get on a horse that doesn’t have a great brain and then I appreciate the good horses that much more 🙂


2 responses to “It’s all about the brain!

  1. rebecca macchione

    I can see that he is all that and more! I love him. I should be sleeping! Can’t wait till tomorrow’s ride.

  2. fingers crossed that he does a great job for the lookers!

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