Helping out another group

Bev from Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue had emailed to see if I wanted another resale horse of my own which I had to decline. She had sent up shipping for some horses to come down from Finger Lakes but at the last-minute one of their horses wasn’t adopted and she didn’t have space for both horses that were coming down. I asked Allie if we could take one to help out and she said go ahead and take two. We had some room and we have just sold a bunch of horses so have a bit of funding to help out. There is a group that works out of Finger Lakes called Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds who list horses just like CANTER track listings. They do an awesome job and need some help moving horses as the track is closing.

We ended up getting a horse named Raymond and another named No Time for Love.

Here is Raymond

Here is No Time for Love

They had shipped down to MAHR and I went to pick them up there. Kurt and I are feeling our way around the barn with flashlights until we found the lights 🙂 Both horses walked right up on the trailer and settled in to eat some hay. We headed over to our Centreville, MD farm and unload them there into a small paddock. Both had a little trot around and went to their hay piles. They both are big and pretty. I will be over this weekend to see them in the daylight.

Early this morning around 1am, Burgiss left to head to Utah. He walked down the driveway in the dark and waited for the drive to configure the trailer. He walked right up and backed into his space. There were several other horses on so he will have some company. He was attacking his hay bag like he was starving and didn’t look at all worried that he was next to some strange horse on this huge van. Gotta love thoroughbreds!

I plan on picking up Areutrue this weekend. I’m looking forward to a new project. We have so many lovely horses that we will be retraining in the coming months.


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