New horses arrive

We went over and picked up Areutrue and decided to also bring London Lullaby home with us as well. It seems like there are a lot of people shopping for horses right now so I thought I would try to sell a few here while the weather is still decent.

Areutrue is absolutely as sweet and sensible as they get. I pulled his mane, clipped his whiskers and ears and he stood there sleeping. I didn’t get any pics/video of him yet because he got a bath and some treatment for his rain rot. He’s a gorgeous horse and a really cute mover.

Today we set up our free jump chute and had some fun playing with the horses. First up was London Lullaby. He’s a really very nicely bred 3yr who is lightly raced. He’s 15.3 h but obviously still growing and filling out. He has a really awesome personality and is quite brave. He had never seen a jump before but was really game which I appreciate. He’s a lovely mover and so light on his feet. I think he’s going to be a super star. Can’t wait to get on him.

Letterman remembered free jumping and thought he was just going to fly around and have himself a blast. I interrupted his antics with some random poles placed going into the jump chute. I imagine this is why the people who do all the warmblood approvals hand walk them into the chute!

I have a client’s horse who has done a lot of eventing and he acted like he had been free jumped before. He needed a bigger fence to make him pay attention but was pretty cool.

I really think the horses enjoy being able to free jump. I was amazed how much Letterman remembered and how brave he was. Now he just has to slow his brain down a bit and think about his feet. I was trying to make him add up the footwork the last few times in the video with some extra poles. He’s nowhere near that aggressive to the jumps when I ride him! I almost wish he was.

Lullaby got a bath when he was done and a rain rot treatment as well.

Looks like warm weather the next few days. I’m looking forward to getting on the new horses.


3 responses to “New horses arrive

  1. You manage to get the neatest horses, love lullaby! Dan is doing FANTASTIC!! gotta love those OTTB’s

  2. Have to agree with Cindy that Lullaby looks really cool!

  3. Lullaby looks the part of a big time horse for sure- and
    you gotta love Letterman’s swagger!

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