Areutrue has his first ride

Areutrue is one of those horses that is just an old soul. When he came to our layup farm he quickly became the farm favorite. He just loved people and thought he should be right up in your pockets all the time. He had a hard time transitioning to the farm life because I think he liked people more than he liked other horses. He retired from racing at age 7 and I have always found that the longer they have raced the more set they are in their routine. He didn’t quite understand going out to eat grass!

I brought him here last week and you could tell he was curious as to what his next adventure was going to bring but he was eager to please. Walked right up on the trailer and dug into his hay bag. When he got here he was nervous but boy did he perk up when he saw the grain cart coming down the aisle!

I gave them some dinner and then decided that I needed to clean them up right away. Hey, I like my men clean cut! I put him in the cross ties and despite his buddy screaming he was instantly asleep with his lip drooping. I pulled his mane and then got out the clippers. He stood perfect for me to clip his muzzle, ears and legs. Then I got the treat out and I think that right there won him over. He will eat any kind of treat that you give him.

It poured several inches over the past few days so they were all locked up and even now they are just in their small paddocks. It’s probably not a super wise idea to get on a new horse when they have been in and the temp’s dropped 30 degrees in a day but I could already tell Areutrue is an old soul.

I took him for a walk around the ring in hand and he looked at things but just kept walking. I stuck him on the lunge line and he looked at me like I was the stupid one. I swear he was saying just get on already and stop with this lunging stuff. I listened 🙂

Kurt came out to hold his head and I quietly got up from the mounting block. We have our little routine where I stand and touch the horse all over while up on the block. Then I put my foot in and continue to pat them. Then I just go half way up and if all feels good then I settle over. Kurt walks me a lap and then off I go. I know it can be overkill but you just never really know. Aretrue was happy-go-lucky and immediately went about his business.

When you have been doing this for a long time you can almost instantly feel how broke a horse is right when you get on. He just gave me that feeling that he had a lot of great training. He was really soft in the bridle, nice mouth, moved off the leg, understood forward and was professional about his job. It’s always why I LOVE older horses. There is no discussion they just do their job.

He’s lacking muscle so he’s pretty weak everywhere and he will need front shoes but he felt great. He came to us back in July so he’s just hung out in the field getting to be a horse. It take some time to build the muscle back. He already wanted to stretch into the contact which is nice but I just allowed him to go around as he wanted. He was a bit unbalanced going into the canter but no big deal. I just loved the feel of him in all gaits. He’s a nice mover even without any muscle. You could tell he’s just going to be one that is really nice in the bridle and carries themself. Here is a little video of his first ride. I bet he’s going to progress super quick.

You could tell how happy he was to be back into work. He just loves the attention and of course the treats before and after his workout!

I am getting on London Lullaby today. Can’t wait!


2 responses to “Areutrue has his first ride

  1. Rebecca Macchione

    Repeat after me….you can not collect adorable young race horses………
    This is what I must say to myself as I follow the progress of all the new Canter horses.

  2. uh oh! a new one for me to obsess about!! He’s cute 🙂

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