London’s 2nd ride

I got busy riding other horses yesterday so I missed riding London but was pretty excited to try out a few different things today.

I changed the bit to a jp eggbutt with a round piece in the middle and I added a standing martingale. I also carried my whip. The martingale allows him to figure out the limits of where his head can go without me having to do anything and the whip allows me to encourage him not to stop at the gate and to stay forward into the transitions. It’s very important with the real babies that you make rules and I’m very strict about NOT having issues by the gate. Carry a whip in each hand if you need it but they absolutely must go forward past the gate. Nappy behavior starts when you lack a forward button 🙂

He’s a really smart horse who has a great brain. We had taken all the jumps down to work the ring and I sat them all around the sides of the ring. He didn’t even look which was very nice! I had some ground poles and a little gymnastic set up and he just went right around without even a glance. I really don’t care much about what they do at this stage as long as they give it all a honest try.

My focus on him is just staying forward in front of the leg. He was much improved from our first ride and the trot and canter felt even better.

Kurt got a few pictures of him as well.

I really wanted to ride Areutrue but I think he would be even happier with a pair of front shoes so I’m patiently waiting for the farrier to come on tuesday.




One response to “London’s 2nd ride

  1. Jess, he is so darn cute and expressive. It will be fun to watch him develop.

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